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  1. Thank you Muse for such a painless ticket buying process. Unlike so many other bands, you guys have your technological act way together. And it's been like that for all 12 years I've been going to your shows. Come on January!!!
  2. i got tickets just now that say GA8, but there are seat numbers, so i'm assuming it's for seats on the floor behind the pit. that works for me. so happy! though it's frustrating how popular Muse is getting in the states. gone are the days when we could see them in small, or at least manageable-sized venues.
  3. i was in montreal this past august for vacation and every damn store or restaurant seemed to be playing x&y, which quickly became annoying. but walking down st. catherine street one day i heard hysteria blasting out of someone's apartment window and i practically wept with joy.
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