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  1. usernameDOA thanks for sharing you videos! :happy:


    Looks like you were further round the b-stage end barrier to the right from me :) I was with the indomitable Catherine and one of the VIP competition winners along with a couple of other people...


    At first I was more to the right but the girl in front of me got a bit too crazy during Supremacy and nearly broke my nose :indiff: so after that I moved near a friend who was more in the middle of the second stage. Really good spot :D


    Sorry to hear about your daughter, glad she recovered and you all were able to enjoy the gig :)

  2. I predict they fake a power outage, and the lightbulb comes on for a song.

    I can't imagine even Muse having that thing floating around.


    And GL wasn't nearly as bad live as people say. A lot of those who say that, never even saw it, and yeah, people just hate other's opinions.


    GL might have seemed better than it was due to my having to have suffered through Feeling Good, though.

    There is that.


    I saw GL three times, I didn't mind it tbh it was a nice rest, but I don't understand why they would want to bring it back, it wasn't good or interesting live :erm:

  3. urgh, sounds like a total bunfight, I like separate, designated entrances... and hm to queueing through the night, how many do that??


    Mmmm I guess it depends, for Madrid's gig in 2010 there was people queuing 3 or 4 days before the gig... a lot of free time it seems.

  4. Gracias for the info Beibi, will be adding them to the list of places to visit as we'll be in town from Tuesday till the Saturday. Hope to see some of you there or if a mini-meet is organised. Just need to figure out where to pick up our tickets, FNAC seems to be the winner so far.


    I'm so looking forward to it, have always wanted to visit Barcelona, and to add a trip to see the boys rock out makes it an almost perfect trip. It'll be the first time since Dublin that I've seen Muse in a different country, so excited ::dance: Hoping that Block 121 where we'll be sitting will provide a good view of the new production for the stadium shows, bring it on!


    You're welcome! you will love it! Barcelona is really a beautiful city :happy:


    Well, it looks I just come here lately to promote something but you may be interested on this one, we are running a competition in which you can win a tour through the stadium hours before the gig and see how the crew works, how they build the stage... all you need to do is make a picture of yourself with our madness glasses and your ticket (not sure if you all already have your ticket tho :/) and tweet it with the hastag #AMuseNoMeLosPierdo and that's it :)


    The day of the gig we will also be taking pictures of people at the queue with the glasses on, then we'll make a collage with all of them :happy:


    Hope to say hi to you all, it will be a fun day! :awesome:

  5. I finally bought my ticket! :D


    Anyway, I wanted to tell you that my friends and I are trying to do something special for the gig and the band, and thought it would be a great idea having the crowd wearing the madness glasses during the song.


    We made a printable version of the glasses so everyone can have one!


    Hope you like the idea and collaborate with it!!


    Here's the link to print them :happy:




  6. I've said this forever and a day but, quite simply put, UK crowds are better than US crowds at concerts.


    I don't know why and it's not a shot at US fans but from every single video I've ever seen of concerts, the crowds in the UK are ten times more into every song.


    Well I remember the UK crowd being pretty boring at Wembley 2007

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