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  1. driving through chichester the other day listening to muse on thy stereo when...at the traffic lights a tramp came up to us and started singing starlight at us...and then went great song i love teh muse...if only i had a stereo to listen to them all the time... not really a coinkydink...but....muse related...i felt sorry for the tramp but didnt have enough money to buy him a stereo.... but also everytime i go out and im wearing my muse tee a bar tender or waitress always is overly nice and gives me discounts and such like in the vinters in worthing the barmaid gave me a free vodka coke cos i had my muse tee on.....its like a secret society...a cult if you will...
  2. zomg like mineee apart from my friend killed dom then dom turned into a zombie then killed my friend then dom started going sit the fuck down..i think iv watched tht vid too many times
  3. yes...it involved a carrot matt and a mic stand..o and dom in his spiderman costume.....and storm troopers...need i say more? lol:$
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