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  1. game iwin good, game teen teen 3D game ionline , game game iwin hot game bigone HOT

  2. It's Madeon, the guy is a genius and Muse doesn't deserve to have their music touch by his godly hands.
  3. I bought Absolution on a trip to Prague. I was a complete music noob back then it was my first introduction to alternative rock so my mind was completely blown.
  4. The album is very similar in concept and structure to Resistance. Still way more depth, subtlety and creativity. This is actual progressive pop the way it's supposed to be. So all in all I believe MUSE simply went back to the drawing board and tried to do Resistance right this time.
  5. That used to be my avatar I think, not sure if it was this site. Anyway, that was nearly a decade ago.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icVy7Ve6y6A
  7. In an attempt to make a tune that would get you stoned as fast as possible I present: http://soundcloud.com/baileysbeads/residual-procedures
  8. Can anyone recommend a proper external soundcard for a laptop (so I don't have to use the shitty output of the laptop itself) for connecting it with big installations?
  9. If you dislike everything Muse has made then your music taste is pretty narrow. If you dislike anything after Absolution then you simply have ears.
  10. Exhausted your eyes still can't close as tomorrow is still not now
  11. An EMX isn't ideal for djing, you want an ESX for that.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5beAHGetWA
  13. A genuine love for music. The last two albums were just soulless. More Gallery and Hysteria, less Unnatural Selection.
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