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  1. hey...ive been up to pretty much nothing! lol! just anticipating MUSE's new album! cant wait!

  2. hi miele...sorry i mcm lbt skit reply! didnt notice i got a msg! hahahah! i cant wait to go menempek again at KLIA!!! i wonder if they will ever come again la :(

  3. hey....yeah that is me with Matt Bellamy :D

    he was great of course! no words to describe!

  4. hey sorry i took so long to reply ur msg! i seriously didnt notice there were messages for me, lol! anyways yeah i am malaysian :) n yes i am very lucky to have touched Matt Bellamy, lol!

  5. ay im not in KLIA la, fly fm is now in sri pentas, if KLIA mati la i everyday nk kena travel from shah alam pg sepang! hahahaha! kt bandar utama ni pun mcm rasa dh cukup jauh n penat!

  6. yeah it sounds cool, but its not easy la, tough ppl to work with, but they r fun at the same time, lol

  7. hahahahah! omg! i thought no one will know! yes i did! it was for the 'fix it' thing they have in the morning, my friend 'helped' me out for that! its quite sometime already la n now guess what? im working for fly fm! lol!

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