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  1. Hallo! You can change the bit under your name on the first of the month (I think...) It comes up as an option. Take a look on your profile options then from the user CP.

    As for a doodle, I'm willing to draw anyone, if you send me a picture of you (your head area preferably :p) I'll give it a shot!

  2. Hello Boney King.

    I would have to say - I'm a sucker for a nice bit of mature cheddar.

  3. Hello!

    Hmmm I can't say I really have ONE favourite Muse song, see it depends what mood i'm in, or which album I havent listened to in a while and stuff.

    How about you?

  4. Here we go m'dear - you were a challenging one to say the least! I can't draw hands :(

    Anyway, I gave it a shot:


  5. Hey, I shall do a doodle of you, but it might have to wait till after Christmas and New year because I am away.

    You'll need to send me a pic

  6. I tried m'dear - you with your jaunty angle made for a rather tricky subject.


  7. Nothing's happened to chat, like I said - same as ever!


    And the new job is at a new nursery. Hopefully it'll be an improvement on my last one!

  8. ooh maple story :)


  9. ooh wow... upside down!

    I'm not clever enough for such exciting things :p

  10. Sorry castleman, was afk in the chat.


    *waves back*

  11. You said you were angry :p and what stuff did you tell me not to speak about?

    Whatever happened to freedom of speech?

  12. You're missing out - chat is as wonderful as ever *rollseyes*


    I'm great cheers. Looking forward to christmas and excited to start my new job tomorrow :D

  13. Add you? To what?

  14. Cheer up! Don't be angry! :)

  15. Chocolate... always chocolate :)

  16. First message on your wall :) I'm making history here!

  17. First on the wall! Yus! *Insert something suitably cheesy here*

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