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  1. Hi I was wondering could you follow mw on twitter @annaelmk I'll follow back!

  2. Hi! im visiting UK in a couple of months! thanks for the info :LOL:

  3. Chocolate... always chocolate :)

  4. Hello Boney King.

    I would have to say - I'm a sucker for a nice bit of mature cheddar.

  5. what is your favorite cheese?

  6. Sorry, I got caught up doing stuff - didn't mean to ignore you! :(

  7. Ahah! YES! You are my first! D=

  8. First on the wall! Yus! *Insert something suitably cheesy here*

  9. First message on your wall :) I'm making history here!

  10. Yeah I'm fine, I got caught on the phone, sorry!

  11. Ooh so we do! Well I apologise for being late but I hope you had a nice birthday :)

  12. We share the same birthday so happy birthday to us! :D

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