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  1. Hmm... I'm modding up one of my guitars, and I'm going to put a fuzz factory in it:rolleyes: The question is, how much of it do I have to route? (the measurements?) It's an Ibanez jet king 2.
  2. ok, as I said in the other thread, I'm building a pedal board...I don't have the slightest idea of what order to put them in. They are... -fuzz pedals (four of them ) -danelectro flanger -danelectro phaser -vox wah -mxr compressor -marshall vibratrem -dod distortion -tuner
  3. Ah well, I hate that there aren't any luthiers around here I wouldn't want to rout a guitar myself...It'd end up in the trash
  4. I don't have the slightest idea, but here's a pic of the silver manson's guts anyway, http://img337.imageshack.us/img337/7221/mattbellamysilverguts8vr.jpg Doesn't look easy
  5. Sounds good Seeing the amount of effects Matt has, they will work well with other pedals I guess. This site where I got one of my pedals from has this http://bigcitymusic.com/i/cat/New/1000513_m.jpg
  6. Right, I'm going to buy a fuzz factory or fuzz probe soon...Is there much sound difference between the two? I haven't got a chance to really try out a fuzz probe before, but I know what the fuzz factory sounds like. Also, I remember reading that zvex said that he put better stab pots in the new ones so they won't wear out so fast?
  7. Sorry for bumping an old-ish thread, but I have a question. I can't play the SS intro riff on one of my guitars, the string keeps getting caught on the pick. Should I lower the action or adjust the intonation or something? (I can play it fine on my other guitar) This guitar just buzzes and the string keeps getting in the way. Thanks. Sorry if this has been asked before
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