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  1. Sorry for bumping another old thread, but..... I have quite a few live videos of SS, and in every one of them Matt plays some chords different from the ones in the tab book. (some sort of power chord?)..The different chords are in the first part of the verse. He plays these chords until the "and she'll scream and she'll shout" etc part. I just play it with regular power chords, but I was wondering if anyone knows the exact chords. (I doubt it though)
  2. Yeah, I'll have to look at a zvex wah, I haven't seen the demo video yet.
  3. Bump. Well, I'll be buying some effects soon, and hopefully I can get these by xmas; Vox Clyde McCoy wah Digitech Whammy Boss TU-2 EHX little big muff Moog MF-103 phaser Boss OD-3 Pro Co Rat 2 Boss GE-7 (This has to be after the rat pedal, as it'll be used for a mid boost) EHX deluxe electric mistress Line 6 DL-4 ....Anyone?
  4. Ahhh, check http://www.ebay.co.uk for item number 7398184312 Never seen one of those before! Edit: Jay, I don't know if this place sends to the UK, but.... http://www.bigcitymusic.com I've bought a few things from them, and they're the best. Excellent service, fast shipping, etc. I'm planning to buy a few zvex pedals and a moog phaser from them. They have quite a few sparkle zvex pedals! I bought a fuzz factory from them about two months ago, and it took about five days to get here. (which is pretty fast, as I live on the east coast) I sold it though (which I regret...), so I ordered a new one a few hours ago. Anyway.. Haze, I might've asked you this before, but what was it like having the FF oscillating at a certain pitch, and the FP at another? I bet it was insane, I'll have to try that with the oscillator pedal
  5. That probe is so big and sparkly, I'm still jealous. (sorry, it had to be said ) Anyway, I'm buying another FF, I shouldn't have sold the other one...
  6. *drools* They also have red sparkle ones http://bigcitymusic.com/i/cat/New/1000514_L.jpg Slightly off topic, but that place has a gold sparkle hard-on http://bigcitymusic.com/i/cat/New/1000521_L.jpg
  7. Yeah, the batteries last for a while. Zvex said something about having the same battery in his prototype for two years or something.
  8. Check this out http://www.bigcitymusic.com/i/cat/New/1000503_L.jpg I want. If only that place had a sparkle probe.
  9. yeah, it was "don't make me slap you" And there's such thing as a purple FF?... Shame it would all chip off though
  10. l'OH vous petit baiseur ! ...Désolé, je ne le veux pas dire, j'aime juste jurer en français Edit: anyway, did any one understand my question back there? It was about how to get sparkle zvex pedals. I know, even though it's just going to get stomped on, I'm curious.
  11. Je sauterai dans le mouvement français....Do que vous devez des usines et des sondes de duvet d'étincelle de coutume-commande ? ... BTW I ne savent pas parler français... les merveilles de la technologie. ....QUAND LA FOLIE S'ARRÊTERA-T-ELLE ? !
  12. I thought I heard something else (synth?) dwydav, your music on purevolume is pretty good!
  13. Nice, what was used in that recording? dwydav...how many different band names have you had?
  14. As much as I love picking on jay, lets not bruise his (huge) ego too much.....maybe. dwydav, I have the same problem with WMP
  15. Thanks I saw this on another site, and they listed it as an old fuzz factory http://img132.imageshack.us/img132/2245/zvfuzzfactx17ll.jpg Anyone ever seen one that looked like that?
  16. Oh well, I don't think it's possible to get that sound out of a FF alone The stab pot on my fuzz factory is completely dead, what's this stuff about sending it back to zvex to get it replaced? anyone?
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