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  1. That probe is so big and sparkly, I'm still jealous. (sorry, it had to be said ) Anyway, I'm buying another FF, I shouldn't have sold the other one...
  2. *drools* They also have red sparkle ones http://bigcitymusic.com/i/cat/New/1000514_L.jpg Slightly off topic, but that place has a gold sparkle hard-on http://bigcitymusic.com/i/cat/New/1000521_L.jpg
  3. Yeah, the batteries last for a while. Zvex said something about having the same battery in his prototype for two years or something.
  4. Check this out http://www.bigcitymusic.com/i/cat/New/1000503_L.jpg I want. If only that place had a sparkle probe.
  5. yeah, it was "don't make me slap you" And there's such thing as a purple FF?... Shame it would all chip off though
  6. l'OH vous petit baiseur ! ...Désolé, je ne le veux pas dire, j'aime juste jurer en français Edit: anyway, did any one understand my question back there? It was about how to get sparkle zvex pedals. I know, even though it's just going to get stomped on, I'm curious.
  7. Je sauterai dans le mouvement français....Do que vous devez des usines et des sondes de duvet d'étincelle de coutume-commande ? ... BTW I ne savent pas parler français... les merveilles de la technologie. ....QUAND LA FOLIE S'ARRÊTERA-T-ELLE ? !
  8. I thought I heard something else (synth?) dwydav, your music on purevolume is pretty good!
  9. Nice, what was used in that recording? dwydav...how many different band names have you had?
  10. As much as I love picking on jay, lets not bruise his (huge) ego too much.....maybe. dwydav, I have the same problem with WMP
  11. Thanks I saw this on another site, and they listed it as an old fuzz factory http://img132.imageshack.us/img132/2245/zvfuzzfactx17ll.jpg Anyone ever seen one that looked like that?
  12. Oh well, I don't think it's possible to get that sound out of a FF alone The stab pot on my fuzz factory is completely dead, what's this stuff about sending it back to zvex to get it replaced? anyone?
  13. woo, I got my FF today It's actually six years old, not four. The stab pot is all scratchy, and it doesn't sound that good
  14. Oh goody, I won a fuzz factory on ebay! I got it for less than a vexter, it's about four years old. Anyway, where can I find that long list of FF settings? EDIT: oops, it's on page 2.
  15. You're putting a fuzz probe in your guitar?? That might be difficult to install! Well I think Matt uses a regular toggle switch for it, but I'm not sure how you would wire it
  16. He used the marshall's distortion for most of that dvd, I think? Just get a fender amp of some kind, and it'll sound great with a FF.
  17. Right, it's going to be taken in next week...I have to figure out if they can do the fuzz factory wiring also.
  18. I think it's possible to take the stab and comp pot off, and then put a wire from the board to the pots, so they are separated from the main board? or am I losing my mind?
  19. Haha, yeah, there isn't really anything to ruin with this guitar...I already screwed the wiring up Plus, I finally found a luthier
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