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  1. Hey, just wanted to mention the mayo got here. cascading time!

  2. Hey, it looks like rather than selling you the mayo I already have/had, I'll have to wait until I get the other next week - had to sell the one I had, since I had to go get my guitar back (it was expensive to fix, so I didn't have much of a choice) hope that's ok that it might take another few days

  3. Yeah, that's exactly what happened :( a replacement should be easy enough to find, though.

  4. hai jonnnnnnnnnnno


    i tried using some tacks to pin the bridge on my gretsch down (was recommendeded this by my tech), and I managed to snap the bridge in half somehow (the wood part)





  5. the espardo bashing might eventually get old, but




    He got drunk off of red bull? :stunned:

  6. I bid a little over $400 for the mayo on evilbay.. I think that's enough


    Hopefully it won't end up being too expensive.

  7. Happy birthday (for tomorrow, since I have no idea what time it is where you are)



  8. What's sherpa talking about Sam? answer me on teh msn!


    Edit: nevermind, says you're offline. I'll just take my business elsewhere... *sends gay pr0n to espardo* :p

  9. Yeah, I told you fernandeses were carp guitars - or maybe he doesn't care it's out of tune :stunned: I'm fairly sure the chorus of that song is played quite differently than what he's playing...he's playing F, G, Am (I think?). Well, I'm sure you know the proper way to play it.

  10. Check out the comments! I have to agree with the person who said "practise" more, since he's playing part of it wrong.




    Well someone apparently forgot to put the syrup on his belgian waffles there :erm:

  11. Hey, I think I found a guy that has a mayo he might be selling (he said he might consider in a couple of weeks). Just got to see if he decides to or not and how much he wants....

  12. hows it going musecasters?


    i love that signature you have, does matts laser have LEDs on the neck as well?

  13. Argh, I would've NEARLY been able to afford it too. I hope another one pops up sometime..

  14. <3


    btw, how much did the mayo go for?

  15. Mine's incredible. What pickup(s) are you putting in yours?

  16. Hello, fellow manson player ;) Hows it been?

  17. I WUN SEE IT NAO! link me when itz uploaded plz :)

  18. you got b& on my00ze lyve!


    What was the last thread you made? I didn't see it and they deleted it :(

  19. oh no you did-ent! I'm good thanks :) What's the next guitar going to be like?

  20. OH NO


    "15-05-2008 20:14 - Last warning before a ban : Spam"

  21. hai phill


    how are you?


    and how is your guitar? i think i read on muselive you said you put a different pickup in? :eek:

  22. oh man you're going to get yourself in big trouble, but still...I'm proud of you *sheds a tear*



  23. Yeah, best not do it again or they'll have hitler go after you :stunned:

  24. WTF @ muselive olol


    next you should ask why matt got a twisty kaoss pad :shifty:

  25. Cool. So basically, you've got two guitars going at the same time now? Would like to hear that sometime. The sounds on those tracks are really fuzzy, but another layer would make it even better haha

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