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  1. Yeah, the one that I would suggest avoiding is sort of in the center on the right side of the street. I'd agree with that. You mainly get a slightly fancier spec with the USA ones. Rolled fretboard edges and that... which is sort of pointless if the guitar needs any kind of fretwork out of the box (which is certainly possible) I'd have a nice MIJ over anything else really.
  2. Happy new year Hank's probably has the best inventory overall. The staff seems pretty nice as well. There is also a shop at the beginning of the strip on the right. Can't remember what it's called, but worth visiting as they had songs off SFTD and Rated R playing. Respect. Also I'm not sure what part is the most worthy.
  3. I ALMOST FORGOT I didn't speak about this here, but since you mentioned Denmark Street on instagram... Last time I was there, I was trying out some pedals in the "yellow" shop with one other guy... we essentially got kicked out after 30 minutes. The employee's excuse was that they had customers coming in and out and it wasn't really the place to try out gear. Was a poor excuse really, as no one had been by in the past 10-15 minutes. Plus one of the people that did come through gave the thumbs up on the QOTSA riff I was playing. Lad. Worst part is that this was after I actually paid for something. I have a feeling it was the other employee (who mysteriously disappeared a few minutes before...) that told him to do this, as I think he felt a bit guilty and gave us a free patch cable... Bit of a shame really. It used to be my favorite shop there, but the inventory isn't what it used to be, and the customer service used to be the best of the lot... now it's the worst. Probably since a certain individual left (Jaicen knows who I'm talking about... such a fine girl)
  4. Deal. Nope, BEADGBE. I think I'd need a heavier 7th string for anything lower than that. And why? It's technically CBS era, so the only thing to be scared of is it being shit I don't worry so much about damaging something like that, but more that I know I'm not going to buy it and it's probably going to waste their time. That said, Hank's was quite accommodating when I asked to try out a 60s Strat they had. It wasn't one of those super special ones behind the glass though, nor was it sunburst.
  5. Final offer? Because I was going to accept that anyway. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Cny0ZRj63I I've never actually had mine in that tuning. No idea what string gauge you'd use either.
  6. Merry Christmas. Why was this guy putting his nuts on a fretboard in the first place though? https://www.gearnews.com/improve-your-guitar-fretboard-with-jefs-secret-walnut-trick/
  7. I vaguely remember something about the Line 6 "insane" patch being used for parts of stockholm syndrome. Also, here's one. Not sure if a larger version exists, but you can clearly see one destroyer and 007 (this would have been after the repair) Not as brutal as what happened to the destroyer on the 20th! Makes the one in Hullabaloo look (almost) tame, although the outcome was pretty similar...
  8. Oh right, where everyone gets an OC-2? I don't know of ANY Absolution era gig where he destroys an ibanez besides the second Earls Court show. There were plenty of them during the OOS tour though, which is probably what the record refers to... but then many of them were given away too. Also, sort of related, but he had those two guitars in his rack for at least six months it seems. You can see the necks at 3:59. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqCOzgYQsKI Guess it's possible that they were originally bought to prevent 007 from getting damaged again.
  9. I can confirm that this rumor is true. What was that idea? I can't actually remember. He does, but it's not on the DVD. I have a super #LoRes video with no sound - he really goes for it instead of swinging it around a few times then throwing it away like the night before. And yes I believe that's why it wasn't used. It certainly wasn't in his rack at that show, and he was definitely throwing it around a bit in mid 2004. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tvAfHoesFo Also notice how the 4x12 falls off the front of the stage. Damn.
  10. First that and now posting outside of K&T? It's almost like you're ditching me for Bs...which is sort of kinky (but in all the wrong ways) because I still consider Bs my bff You'll have to wait until Macaroon is here if you want a threesome... and then some... And I suggest we continue this stimulating and soon to be heated discussion. Maybe it's just a way to avoid getting into the The Guinness Book of World Records again. Surely he's broken more than on the Absolution tour? ...Which has to be incorrect anyway I can't think of any examples besides Earls Court night 2 where something actually got destroyed. Can't really count 007, and I don't think the Ibanez from Earls Court night 1 got any major damage.
  11. Well there's that too, but also a very distant robotic sounding voice underneath the main vocal track at the beginning (although only for certain parts of it) And yeah, I've been liking how he's been adding the Morello influenced stuff into the live songs. Specifically that bit in Hysteria
  12. To add to that, the ones in the pressure intro. Actually didn't notice it until I removed the center track.
  13. What did I say about spreading rumors? Your post has probably been copied to musewiki already. Is it a different guitar though? After all, there was that recent interview where Matt said only the neck or body will usually break and need replacing. So unless you replace both at the same time, it's still the same guitar... is it not?
  14. Might be how it survived really Here's the interview I mentioned. Watch his hand movement closely in this video at around 5:22 and 5:32 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKGChUTiVXI And yeah, that was the point of updating the K&T FAQ a few years back. I had left out any information that I knew wasn't true or couldn't be confirmed. Still a decent reference for the pre-T2L era stuff I guess.
  15. No idea mate. And that was from Wembley. It was repaired after that, only to be broken beyond repair by accident... Also See? That's all it is, and MB did mention it in an interview a while back (although he didn't say it was exactly that) This is why certain individuals shouldn't post rumors on musewiki...
  16. Surprised they actually gave some answers for that! Was expecting to see the magic whammy toggle switching device on that list. I imagine they left that out because it was the most searched. I guess we'll never know...
  17. Weird, your post isn't showing up in the list of threads in K&T.... only on the main page of the board. Actually, I think it might be worse than what Bs did to his MB-1.... But I can't find a picture of that, so you'll just have to substitute this
  18. ... This is like the time Bs shut the case lid on his MB-1, just it's not funny because I have no idea how this happened.
  19. Did you say you were looking for a strat? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/manson-strat-electric-guitar/283288869677 Shots fired :-) Note that this person has two autographed Muse items for sale.
  20. So does it really matter if you get in right at 10am, when there's this waiting room that's open 20 minutes before? Especially as there are often 2000+ people in front of you...
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