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  1. "A phase 90 you say? What happened to the original enclosure?" "The guy that gave it to me for free lost it." "Bastard. Wait, are you actually serious? 🤯" "Yes. Just listen to the three-dimensional swirl on this song by The Mars Volta that I am about to play..." And fixed permanently like his reputation number? 🤔 I want to see if it will go up to 10,000... but I don''t want to be the one to do it! In that case, I'm guessing it wasn't just Longan Dave
  2. That inlay I see less wrong with that than the one I posted 69 lol But really, I wouldn't be surprised if the one you posted is loads better, considering the other one was likely built by that guy who called your Access Virus shit (I shouldn't be making jokes like that, but just for old times and that) Speaking of that, it looks like all the locked threads got deleted... that's a lot of the old content gone. Is the "Pics of you rocking out gigging" thread still here at least? Should be...
  3. Nice to see my phaser was worthy of a painted enclosure, even though I recall you got it for free 🤫 Also, what happened to Dave? Did you voluntarily change it back to Longan? I trust Matthijs didn't accidentally reset it on purpose!
  4. I tried, but that didn't work...Then I asked myself... what would Bs do? So I wrote MGW a long email with a spec for a new guitar But then I remembered... I had the picture saved on my soundcloud to go with a fuzz factory demo. And here you go Didn't you blow up the rectifier tube? It's not common for those to fail. Must have been those crushing palm mutes on those 7 strings of yours.
  5. Simply Dave. end of an era I don't think there was an official demo or anything. I think I have a recording of mine somewhere, but if not, I can make one. I'd also check out the Colossus if you want supra high outputs. Sort of prefer that one really, though the blend control on the Mother Superior is pretty neat. Bs! 🤩 Yeah we lost all the avatars unfortunately. Didn't think I'd find my "fuzz factory" avatar even. If you can't find that, maybe I can dig up that picture of the day you were reunited with your trusty (not to be confused with reliable) amp after that sad state of affairs with UPS?
  6. dav pls I won't ban either one as long as I still get that autograph... you know, as you received a compliment on your bass playing from Phil Lynott's daughter. 👌
  7. I didn't mean we necessarily allowed it (we probably didn't!) but I seem to remember seeing the option to edit the name on the account page. Might have been disabled since then. Did you see we could view username history? I do not recall yours being changed to Hertog Matthijs van Kitabia Also, I was going to suggest that @Dave doesn't go with that username, but dave instead. I'm not helping by giving the admins extra work, but it's probably going to happen anyway.
  8. I'll always remember Longan for his post, "Are monsterbuckers still good?" Does it not let you change your own username this time? I was sure I saw that option somewhere.
  9. I was going to say you should try one sometime, but I gather you're not exactly near Mansons It's a bit good. Wasn't convinced about pau ferro until I tried this one - I don't see any reason to dislike it. It does have different feels, but I guess that's expected.
  10. Fair enough, just remember that those black covers usually have the finish come off in no time (unless it's been sorted recently?)
  11. That rug really ties the room together. Looks good. Install a PF-1 next time around Just got a #stealth one to replace an MBK-3 with.
  12. Hey thanks a lot Jaicen! It's great to know we have your appr... Awkward. ....From what I've heard of the live version of break it to me, the solo is fairly different. I imagine it was pieced together in the actual recording using who knows what. But I'm wondering if he's using a kaoss pad in the live version at all. Or was that already obvious? If so... Awkward.
  13. Anyone still here? nerd herd? Matthijs? Jaicen? ....Bs? @nerd herd, the offer is still on the table for those fret erasers (at least until #afterbreakfast) but I've just tried out Music Nomad FRINE I might switch to this. While it doesn't remove scratches like the more abrasive fret erasers do, it removes all the texan mojo and does it a lot quicker. They warn you not to get any on the fretboard itself (guards are included for this) but supposedly it's harmless if it's cleaned off right away.
  14. The question is whether musecasters is just being cheeky, or rust_relic doesn't realize he's logged into musecasters' account Or maybe he does realize it... One of the things we'll never know the answer to. Unlike the switch on the floyd rose guitars, thanks to musewiki.
  15. Technically... yes. I don't mean to spread rumors, but I do believe #MBHimself has requested one. He can come forward and say which one if he wishes to.
  16. You mean the V4B? Those are great amps, just I think he's had his modified for an even more extreme midrange and more gain... that or he's altering the sound after it's profiled. Quite curious about what's been done to the Marshall. That's the same one he's been using since the BHAR tour, and it's been used to record too. I recall he said it was used for the main riff in Supremacy.
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