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  1. It might have the wrong program change CCs. I know the whammy 4 and 5 don't match what's in the manual (at least mine don't) and I have to subtract 1 from them, so I did the same for the DT. Maybe that's not the case. Does it start on -2 octave?
  2. Which whammy are you using? I've tested it with the 4 and 5, but don't have a DT. Only difference is the program change CCs
  3. I didn't realize I would get a notification for every post you make. This is amazing!
  4. Is that the file that's floating around in a certain facebook group? It shouldn't be happening with that one And I know why it's doing it. It's just that I can't figure out how to transfer the automation data properly. Even importing the MIDI file back into Logic gives the same result... (see example below) it seems to be a function that the DAW is responsible for, which isn't actually saved to a MIDI file.
  5. Perfect opportunity to use the #NotForSale hashtag but I declined the message. Also, anyone using cubase for this? Trying to transfer the MIDI file to a cubase project, but haven't figured out how to import the automation properly. Program changes seem to be fine though.
  6. @Bs that's not how you tag people Also, only just noticed the MB-1's X-Y pad pulses in time with unsustainable. Coincidence?
  7. It's uploaded here actually. Might be the fact that I took the video on my iPhone 8 and that Yeah, you can sort of get away with using the whammy before the fuzz factory, but you need a buffer of sorts between the two. It still doesn't work the same as it does when in front of everything else though. I don't know what was used in the actual recording - it certainly sounds like a direct fuzz factory, but for all I know he might have profiled it onto the kemper first. Maybe that's why there's still oscillation in the background even with the guitar being played.
  8. Thanks Bs, that's the next best thing to being #JaicenApproved. I'll take it. Five minutes? Bs, you got booted from that library. You shouldn't be stealing their wifi either. How did I do it? Well... the 'making of' video was key in knowing what to actually play, and that helped figure out how to set the whammy up. Though it wasn't quite as simple as that, so a fair bit of trial and error was involved. As for the sound, I haven't quite got that down. In the video it's a fuzz factory going direct, though there's some other stuff going on to make it work a bit better going after the whammy. It doesn't sound right when placed before, and when simply placed after, it just sounds bad. So I'm still experimenting with that.
  9. That's four of us then Or has Dave left again? Why thank you. And why on earth did you do that? Especially with those perks available... đŸ¤Ģ
  10. Posting this here because K&T ignored it but definitely saw it as well. 🖕☹ī¸đŸ–• (love you really... all three of you) But yes, here's the main bit from Unsustainable. Haven't completed the middle section of the MIDI track yet, so not a full cover. midi.mp4
  11. I do like that. A bit like the last chorus in Hysteria, though that's a bit more subtle Here's the isolated track too. Starts at 3:11
  12. Here it is. As close to 10000000% correct as it's going to be. midi.mp4
  13. Nope, but I wouldn't think it's your pedal. I've not used the whammy 4 recently, but don't recall anything like that happening (even with the faster switching commands) Unless there's some kind of latency issue, it's most likely the timing of the MIDI events in the file. Can you post a screen shot of some of the program changes on the event list or where they happen on the grid?
  14. Continuing the discussion from the other thread, any ideas for the middle part of the song? Given some of the stuff that was sort of 'hidden' in the main part... well, at least I have a better idea of the thought process now. I'll get a flashy trailer video up soon, and then the actual video with the 10000000% correct effect... which will then turn out to be only 9999999% correct like that guy who covered MOTP and had his whammy malfunction on the first measure. But it happens to the best of us. Unless we don't actually use a MIDI track like that one guy who used raw talent instead.
  15. They don't - you'd have to be lucky and catch them as they're leaving. I saw a few fans managed to meet them at one of the recent shows, but it's still pretty uncommon for that to happen.
  16. That's weird. I just downloaded it from there. I'll see if I can upload it somewhere else that will embed it properly. But first I need to change something again...
  17. Just did this quickly. Does the new board let you upload and embed attachments? Let's find out... (I guess not) Still needs a slight bit of adjustment in that first +2 octave triplet part I think. That's what I've been scratching my head over this entire time
  18. I remember that one. STILL deserves more views. How is the whammy patch on the axe? I think the whammy V works just fine for this (the DT doesn't even seem necessary) but the fuzz/distortion begins disappearing the lower you go with the -2 octave setting. The video I posted was with the DSL 50 on what would normally be a useless setting. Super high presence and treble on lead 2 (highest gain.) Also with a buffer (Boss SD-1 switched off) after the whammy, which does make a bit of a difference. I have no clue how he's getting this to sound the way it does at around 6:21. Unless it's staged and not actually the whammy? Note the automation on the computer screen in the background, but he's still controlling the pedal by foot. Meanwhile, I think I MIGHT have figured out that bit that was giving me trouble this whole time...only had to slow it down to around 35bpm before noticing. But I don't know. I'll let the rest of you (all three of you? What happened to nerd herd?) have a listen and decide if it sounds closer.
  19. Well I'll never be as good as that guy. Especially considering he wasn't using a MIDI track đŸ¤¯ Did you make yours from scratch? I think I've almost got the main section sounding right, but need to adjust one part. Then onto the middle section which will take another year or two. đŸ˜Ŧ
  20. @mvaughan89 I think Dave is spot on about boosting mids and cutting bass. Matt has said in interviews that he's one to use extreme mids (and ones in unconventional frequencies) in order to get the guitar sound to sit well in the mix. I'll also add that he doesn't have just one live distorted sound now - there are at least three different ones from what I can tell. But for an overall Muse type sound, you can't go wrong with a Marshall DSL anyway - after all, he used one of the original DSLs heavily during the Showbiz and OOS tours. For what it's worth, I've got the 50 watt head, and while that's probably a bit different from the redesigned combo, I can say that I have struggled getting it sounding right with fuzz/drive pedals. What works best for me is the crunch mode on the green channel, but with the gain set for a sound that is barely overdriven. It seems that it's the voicing difference between the two modes that makes one sound better than the other, even at similar gain levels. But for a main distorted sound, I think boosting mids and cutting bass on your amp's drive channel would do the trick. I wouldn't say running an additional overdrive in front is necessary really, but try switching between the two lead modes as well. I settled on using the higher gain lead mode but with the gain control at a lower setting (which is still something the lower gain lead mode would cover with the gain turned up) Also, if you amp has the resonance control, try turning the bass control down and the resonance control up to compensate. You'd be adding low end in the power section instead of the preamp section, which generally works better with higher gain
  21. Almost word-for-word, because you used the phrase "high velocity swooshing" instead? Yeah they are a bit good. Remind me, did that one have the green PCB? Or was it one of the newer red ones? Asking for a friend.. Also, in the notifications bit, this new board lists an option for "Someone I am following makes a post" Step 1. Turn on notification. Step 2. Follow @Bs Step 3. Put Buck Rogers by Feeder on. Step 4. Wait.
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