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  1. Thanks Dave :batman: It's been exactly one year since I received a visitor message!

  2. For what it's worth, many people on here (including myself) have bought items from Phill and he doesn't screw people over. He'll give you a transaction you'll never forget.

  3. I realize I'm posting on the wrong profile, but it doesn't matter at this point.


    Your last message was pretty offensive and I think you should say you're sorry. Phill wouldn't rip anyone off. Buy it and he'll be your new best friend.

  4. EthanDOT is online!

    As I write this, it's nineteen minutes past nine

    That's your time, not mine

    EthanDOT sure is fine


    I'm a bit too lazy to write a proper rap

    But that's ok, because I don't give a crap

    I still thought I'd post this post for EthanDOT

    He's bloody hot.


    This poem makes me feel dirty

    It's now almost nine thirty

    Isn't it past your bedtime?

    Staying up late? Well that's just fine.


    This poem isn't that great

    But it is getting pretty late

    Although it's only four-thirty here

    Hope all is well, Ethan m'dear



    P.S. did you end up getting the latest album by the drills? I think it's their best one yet. I'll speak to you on Facebook sometime!

  5. Hey Tom,


    Yeah, I still have a few pictures of it:






    To be honest, I found it a bit plain when it looked like that. It's mainly because I think the original owner wanted a Muse-themed guitar, but didn't want to spend extra on an aluminum finish.


    Close enough!


    But I think it could look nice if done properly. Maybe on a different shape, and without a fuzz factory.

  6. Haha yep, I can definitely see why Matt called that guitar "Santa" :chuckle:

  7. Thanks, hope you have a great Christmas and new year too :)

  8. Cool, glad to hear they got there. What guitar did you put it in? I'm afraid to ask what happened to your macbook!

  9. Hey,


    Yeah I think I still have it somewhere - just need to find it as I've sent a load of things to the UK recently. I'll let you know in a few hours - sorry that it's taking so long

  10. Hahahaha that's cheating :phu:


    I take it you've already seen this :awesome:


  11. What happened to EJD? How do I write my raps about you now? I can't think of anything that rhymes with Ethan :(

  12. EJD.


    y u no tell me the drills had a new CD out. :eek: have you got it yet?

  13. watch'd the demo. I see what you mean. I think I like the cannon a little better overall, though it lacks a bit of those weird mids the EHX has.

  14. nice, how would you describe the cannon sound compared to the tone wicker? darker and smoother? do want

  15. james90

    'sup biggie


    I was looking through one of the threads, and realized you might not have seen something that might be important when you get that custom of yours built.


    You had a question about this, which I couldn't really answer before, but ...




    7. Pickguards with aluminum or copper "mirror" effects, or some metallic finishes on the guitar body: Remove the foil from around the pickup area on pickguards. The magnetic pulsations from the driver induce pulsating "eddy" currents into the conductive aluminum or copper. These in turn radiate their own magnetic pulsations. The bridge pickup responds to these magnetic pulsations. The end result is that the desired magnetic balance between driver and bridge pickup is compromised. We remove the shielding foil that comes on US-made Strats and Jems from around the pickups. You can keep the foil over the electronics cavity. If we do your installation into a Strat, Jem, etc., then we include this service. Over the years of doing many Sustainiac installations, we have learned to spot certain guitar characteristics that will reduce sustainer performance. Usually, the problem is that a high-pitched squeal (oscillation ) will occur when the sustainer is operated in HARMONIC MODE. The problem is magnetic interference. Metallic paints or numerous metal objects (like pickup trim-rings) near the pickupscan cause problems. Metal objects that are mainly of concern are the non-magnetic ones (aluminum, copper, etc.). Magnetic metals (steel) tend to provide a magnetic shielding effect. But they can cause problems too. If squealing occurs in HARMONIC MODE, turn the sustainer gain pot down a little. You should be able to get a good strong harmonic mode on most frets. If you have to turn down the gain to a level where the sustainer is very sluggish before the squealing stops, then it is likely that nonmagnetic metal is causing your problem. One solution would be to make a similar part out of steel, to replace the aluminum part.


    I think that might actually be an issue....the ali clad does tend to make this weird squealing noise sometimes in harmonic mode, but turning the gain pot down didn't help at all. So I'm guessing it's the aluminum finish...


    It's not uncontrollable squealing, but this weird feedback squeal that happens once in a while. Enough to bug me, but I guess I have to live with it. Need to adjust the pickup heights, but also, I'm wondering if it has to do with the bridge pickup. I'm not sure if this means it's microphonic or not, but I can tap on it and I hear it through the amp.

  16. Sure. Do you think this one will cost more to build than one of the others?

  17. it can jack white? want. nao.

  18. daaamn :eek: that guy has good taste in peddles too

  19. Haha no problem, I found the pattern anyway. Just didn't want to spend any additional money on software I don't really need


    How's the build going?

  20. Quick question


    How did you set your whammy up for that MOTP effect video exactly? And what program did you control it with? (logic express?)


    I've read through the_man's tutorial, which helped, but I'd have to go out and buy cubase for it to work!

  21. Hey, what were those alloy machine head knobs you mentioned on muselive? Seeing as I can't get the Manson custom hardware, I might try doing something similar (and cheaper)

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