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  1. Sky Arts has broadcast some coverage/highlights over the past few years, it doesn't look like anything is on tonight but hopefully something gets shown if they do have highlights.
  2. Meh, doesn't do anything for me, might change my mind when I hear it live but even then I know it won't be a world beater for me. Will be a nice change when on shuffle I guess...
  3. Such I a brilliant gig! So many classic Muse songs and b-sides which I know I will rarely get to hear live again. One thing for sure though, I am much too old to be singing my head off and jumping around for near enough a whole set anymore, I barely made it though work and I've just work from a 3 hour nap.
  4. Can't believe people queue so early! I'll be rocking up as close to 7pm as possible (maybe even later!).
  5. What time did they end up finishing the set (which is amazing btw). Trying to plan ahead for Manchester gig and Sunday trains...
  6. I had fun last night! Was around the b-stage "matt side". Didn't actually realise it was the b-stage, I just ended up shuffling up to that position and I couldn't be bothered going any further. I wasn't around any idiots and it was a really good atmosphere around there. Hope the girl who lost her uni friends next to me found them! Setlist was pretty good but was gutted Hysteria wasn't on there, first time in ages I've been to a Muse gig and it wasn't (still think it should always be an opener).
  7. I think the timing really didn't help, it was so close to Christmas, it was actually cheaper than the Arena tour, but with a lot of people having spent a lot of money on the Arena tour, more casual fans are going to be less likely to part with £60 to see Muse in 6 months time so close to Christmas having just seen them. I offered a spare ticket I had bought to my friend when I got the Etihad ticket back in December and he said that if it is still available closer to the gig he will definitely go but he just couldn't justify it at that time. I'm sure a lot of people were thinking the same, but unfortunately they may have lost interest by the time the gig came along (and they didn't have me badgering them to go). I personally think Muse are great value for money, especially the stadium shows, they really are spectacular. But it is still a lot of money, £60 for ticket, plus travelling to shows, the food and drink isn't cheap (they don't let you take stuff in), might grab a t-shirt - it soon turns into a £100+ per person outing. Having said that I did think they0 show at the Etihad last night was pretty packed despite it not being a sell out, in a way the fact that it didn't sell out has it's advantages as I'm the touts are not having quite as much luck flogging tickets and ripping fans off!
  8. Ah darn it, no email or money taken! This must the the only time I have ever wanted £250 quid go out of my account without some form of confirmation Will have to get them in work on Thurs...
  9. Applied and waiting now, will go this an possibly squeeze in London if I can blag a night over at a mates. Expensive stuff!
  10. Happy Birthday , thank your for existing :).

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