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  1. oi! you never came online! i was all ready for a deep and meaningful chat! :p

  2. beeecause my friend I am a busy busy lady these days! and all the drinking really takes it out of me! :LOL:

  3. how did the cinema testing in Lincoln go? All well I hope! Really looking forward to this if it manages to go ahead! Best of luck!

  4. :wtf: eh?

    and i got 1-8 from playtrade

  5. eeeeee OMG ITS SO GOOD! i absolutely love it!!!!! and its SO cheap here! freshers week is awwwesome as are my flatmates! :D xxxx

  6. i'm aliiiive! :D xxx

  7. ryan your internet/msn sucks big time.

  8. You're welcome

    ummm, i don't think so nope :)

  9. check the song requests thread, i uploaded kings of leon for you :)

  10. i went to chelmsford :) the one without all the mud! (until the sunday night/monday morning, although compared to staffs it was nothing!!) I'm going to lincoln uni, i leave in 12 days, eeep!

  11. it really was! yeah no UFO-damn health and safety! pfft! How was holiday? Yeah i'm okay, just counting down the weeks until i leave for uni really! Aww thats cute, you'll have that memory savored for even longer now then! haha

  12. Elly! Aaah it was AWESOME! so much fun, even though i was shattered after it! I miss Dublin more though! Especially our room! I wanna go back! How're you? xxx

  13. iSteph

    yes! alas, it is only possible through my dreams now, boo

  14. hey sorry. im gunna have to go im afraid

    im so tired and have a really bad headache!


    tattoo tomorrow! wish me luck! eeeek!


  15. was there supposed to be something there other than the words "luke skywalker" ..?

  16. i don't know what you're talking about :ninja:

  17. who said that..? me? huh? wha?


  18. hehe, too right.

    mark= :pimp:

  19. haiii lady. i thought a friend request was in order :happy:

  20. my apologies sir. i've spent the weekend entertaining and shopping. :D

  21. from...friday?!

    :eek: how ever have you coped!? x

  22. aah you're welcome sir

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