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  1. Ahhh yeah, I think I might have met him really briefly at one of lomokev's book launches about two years ago. Time has really got away from me really quickly, especially when I keep coming back to this place and I still feel like it's 2008... but yeah, I dig his work. I remember his stuff from the 365 days also! Create did used to be Garage Studios indeed! I was helping out there just as they were setting up their new studio and doing their name change and everything, but again, that was aggges ago. The other photographer you might be thinking of could be Kev Mason (http://welovecreate.com/portfolio/kevin-mason) who used to go by the name DarkDaze on flickr? But definitely let me know if you're coming to Brighton, we could do a photography day out or something like that! And yeah, I would totally reccomend getting some basic stuff after you've had a bit of tuition! Learning how studio lighting works has been one of the best things ever to literally just make me think about lighting all the time, even when in a natural lighting environment!
  2. Mmm, I was having a bit of trouble with the white high socks and the back whites. TOO MUCH WHITE. And with the second shot, that wasn't the shot we were intending to go for but it actually came out really well. I just hadn't accounted for the length of her hair being so different from the original focal point! Silly. Thanks, I'm glad our photographers brains are all synched up and we notice the same things. I have always wanted to do a studio lighting course at Create Studios (http://welovecreate.com/training) but I did a good lot of studio assisting stuff with them about a year and a half ago (assisting this guy, who is hands down one of the coolest people you will ever meet, and his work with lighting is amazing - http://welovecreate.com/portfolio/kenny-mccracken (scroll sideways on thie image to go through some of his stuff)) and I learnt a whole load from just helping out there, so I imagine if you actually went on one of their courses you'd leave with a lot of info!
  3. I don't think I need to say that I've always loved your gig photos but DAMN those are some fun shots. The chris/harmonica/man on floor one is great. Here are some photos I've taken from the last few months and would appreciate any criticism - framing, lighting, editing, whatnots - some studio stuff! and a shot from a short film I was doing the stills photography for...I can't remember if I've already posted this so apologies if I have
  4. THESE TWO. I really like the detail in the first one - It looks like there's some rain on the guitar, or he's just sweated a lot onto it? It's cool anyway. And the second one's framing and action is just rad. Also the smoke means there's not too much empty space above him! I really quite like this one, but on my screen it seems like there should be a little bit more definition around her nose - it's the only point where it looks like she could be lost in the sky, just right on the outline You got a reaaally cool effect on these, I like 'em. The only thing I'd say is in that handshake one, the difference in colour between the blue at the bottom and the green at the top might be too stark, if there was a way you could gradient the two into each other underneath the two hands meeting (gradient tool & mask layers) to get a smoother blend of the colours that might work?
  5. I have one that I think is perfect for this but I didn't take it FOR this so I guess it doesn't count
  6. I know, right? Add getting paid to that also, and my face = Here's another PHOTO. I like to go up really tall things and then take photos
  7. ha, no. I am merely student support/assistant technician for the media department at a university. Try and help the students with photoshop or premiere or whatnot, cameras, whatever they're stuck with really.
  8. That is such a perfect visual and fun example of something I try to explain to the students where I work! I might steal the picture to help! WHAT YOU'LL HAVE TO SPEAK UP I CAN'T HEAR YOU And what if I actually posted a photo? That would be novel. It's a monkey.
  9. PRODUCTIVE CRITICISM, YAY. I'm really happy that Photography has finally reached it's third incarnation it's only taken four years or so...
  10. Thanks a lot =)

  11. Happy Birthday! :party:

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