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  1. im going to dublin to see muse :)

    its going to be frigging awesome!!!

  2. i know! whats up with that!

    im alright thanks, still slightly pissed off, but i'll get over it :)

    how are you??

  3. its on the 13th of august its in dublin and you can get tickets from http://www.ticketmaster.ie

    you'd be guttered if you missed it

  4. you should gooo! its not sold out yet its going to be amaaaazinggggg!!!

  5. just a stupid guy wont leave me the hell alone, im meeting my mates on friday for a night out and he's going to be there - great. what have you been upto recently?

  6. haha sounds fun!

    i got my dublin ticket this morning!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  7. yea i can realte. but it cant last forever right, its only temporary :) my friends are gettng annoyed ay me too cos im getting in a lot of hours at work cos i need the money. going out for someone's leaving doo soon though im going to get so drunk hehe

  8. thanks ^_^ happy birthday to you too!

  9. you should gooo! its soooo good! muahahaha :p

    i love rides i think im addicted

  10. bubbles are great haha just a pitty it gets all over your hands. but we gave some to the AA man on the stand, he looked rather happy about it haha. Alton towers tomorrow WOO! been upto much?

  11. im good thanx, pretty tired though getting in a load of hours at work, but i AM going to alton towers this sunday XD

  12. ooo get some pasta :) mmmmm

    i should really go to bed i have to be up at 7 :S

    milesss off this place haha!

    night night

  13. handing out CVs. went to see underworld today, seeing slumdog tomorrow (again yey), job hunting thursday, going out about town on friday (that guy's going to be there too :( booo) but, least i get some Sambuca :p what you doing on your time off?

  14. yey me too, i watch too many :p

    you seen slumdog yet?

  15. THE NEMESIS WAS CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    as IF!

    yea i was annoyed but i got sunbured hahaha - ouch. did you have a good day?

  16. nah im partying on the 23rd XD yey bring on the Jager!


  17. im alright, i went shopping today and like a 4 year old i bought bubbles hahaha yey! what do you mean harrassing you? i cant spell

  18. heya XD first mssg! woop!

    how are you?

  19. tearing appart some pcs?

    none of my close friends are going, im going with a bunch of people i know from the internet. luckily my uncle and a whole lot of my family live in ireland so i dont need a hotel. you COULD stop in the marriot hotel cos i know for a FACT thats where muse will be staying - its either a 4 star or 5 star hotel. would be fun to accidentally bump into them

  20. woo! i swapped the next day off work too so i wont be all wabbley for work haha. sneeky.


  21. im alright bit mad at the moment cos im getting blamed for a lot of things i didnt do heh, but what can i do :p other than that im doing alright :) what about you?

  22. yea it was a load of fun - but the nemesis was closed :(

  23. haha why do you rip up computers?

    and cars aren't that cheep :p


    but you must go :( are you going to V?

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