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  1. :( i know

    must have something better to do :'(

  2. alright, just finished doing a short film down in Cambridge :)


  3. awesome :D

    might see you around then :p

    we're pretty busy at the min we need more time GAH

    how are you?

  4. eeeeeeep helloooo!

    how are you??

  5. haha Falling Down and Dead Star :p hell yea

    i know, it will be incredible i want that 15 minute long instrumental XD

  6. haha sounds fun!

    i got my dublin ticket this morning!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  7. haha why do you rip up computers?

    and cars aren't that cheep :p


    but you must go :( are you going to V?

  8. Hannerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :o


    i love you tooooooo



    Have an amazing day

  10. Happy Birthday birthday-twin ^_^

    have a good one

  11. heya XD first mssg! woop!

    how are you?

  12. i guess maybe, lost my job though, i hated it anyway.


  13. i know! whats up with that!

    im alright thanks, still slightly pissed off, but i'll get over it :)

    how are you??

  14. i ment genre but ok :) kool

    i had a dream a few weeks ago that muse had a new song called falling star, it was bloody brilliant!

  15. im going to dublin to see muse :)

    its going to be frigging awesome!!!

  16. im good thanx, sorry i havent replied lately i have been busy at work. booo.

    been upto much?

  17. its about a little girl's overactive imgination in brief. i've bee ill quite a lot :(

    what about you?

  18. its on the 13th of august its in dublin and you can get tickets from http://www.ticketmaster.ie

    you'd be guttered if you missed it

  19. KRIS


  20. love you more kris <3

    you're the best fwend i ever had

  21. me? LEAVE?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA naaaaah

    im still around :p im more of a reader than a poster :p

  22. nah im partying on the 23rd XD yey bring on the Jager!


  23. never mind ;)

    we're just wanting to make our Name legal thats all.

    what kind of movies do you make?

  24. ooo get some pasta :) mmmmm

    i should really go to bed i have to be up at 7 :S

    milesss off this place haha!

    night night

  25. tearing appart some pcs?

    none of my close friends are going, im going with a bunch of people i know from the internet. luckily my uncle and a whole lot of my family live in ireland so i dont need a hotel. you COULD stop in the marriot hotel cos i know for a FACT thats where muse will be staying - its either a 4 star or 5 star hotel. would be fun to accidentally bump into them

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