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  1. for the solo and the riff before the solo i would recommend: gate:7 o'clock comp: turn up untill it starts acting like a gate, around 1-3 o'clock drive:doesn't really matter, when the comp is turned up it doesn't affect it. but around 12 o'clock stab: 3 o'clock and have the ff going through a phaser then an overdrive. for me it sounds great.
  2. surely the bass for cave isn't that hard? i'll do it if you want
  3. I could help in some way if anybody would like it.
  4. easy to recreate, all you need is a whammy, midi cable and cubase. Set the whammy to -1oct and on cubase make a midi track and create 1 blank bar, in the piano roll create a controller lane for CC11 and create the rhythem in that controller lane like this... Then if you just play a C power chord it should sound like this
  5. are there any other "tribute acts" or is it just the one band doing this?
  6. its very good, arpeggios brought up, maybe the guitar just a touch, even tho the drums don't sound exactly studio quality, i would rather have that than digital sequenced drums like mine which are rubbish
  7. i have a preset on sytrus in flstudio that if you mix with clean and overdriven bass then it sounds pretty spot on, i made it for my hysteria cover
  8. i know, i would love real drums on my tracks, i have a deadstar cover which some people might have heard but i want some vocals on it now, so if anybody would like to do that then i would love it and thank you in advance. i can do the guitar or bass for showbiz
  9. i want to feel useful, can i give it a go?
  10. actually, come to think of it, the wiring isn't hard at all, its just fiddly and i have no patience, so it took me 4 hours
  11. i dont know if anybody has mentioned this before but i can't be arsed going through this whole thread...has anybody tried a ff with a electro-acoustic, i stuck my ff on my acoustic before and it was crazy
  12. can somebody do me a big favour please, open the ff and tell me where the black wire connected to the center lug on the on/off switch goes to cheers
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