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  1. you should try this set up probe -> fbm-1 -> whammy -> (dry out) tuner (wet out) -> comp -> deep impact -> big muff if you wanted to, i'd try putting the deep impact either 1st or 2nd (it may sound better before the whammy but it's up to you)
  2. TU-2--> FF --> Whammy --> Wah --> [either] Effector 13 --> Rat --> Overdrive (those 3 you should figure out yourself) --> moog phaser (nice choice btw) --> delay --> EQ
  3. all you need is the line 6 FM4... chris use to have one on his board before he changed his rig for absolution and now he uses the 'rack version of the fm4 - filter pro'
  4. It's the "attack synth" setting on the FM4 (now the filter pro.. same thing)
  5. the seeker on the FM4 does have the same controls you would find on a zvex seek wah Freq: controls the filter pattern. selects the range of the pattern of sequenced wah filter positions. Q: is the stop and is the width of the filter Speed "as on the original, controls the rate (time) that it takes to cycle through the filter" Mode sets the number of filter steps in the sequence. The Seek Wah lets you choose 4,6, 8. The Seeker allows any choice from 2 to 9 steps. most of that came from the Line 6 booklet on the FM4 but they tried very hard to give you what the Seek Wah has. I still think map of the problematique is not a seek wah it's probably not even the fm4 the only thing that comes close to sounding like it is the "obi wah" filter effect on the FM4. it's a voltage controlled filter matt probably used some high end expensive gear to get the sound so none of his 14 year old wannabe fans can copy him.. except we all know he basically copied enjoy the silence
  6. really? what settings are you doing? you can get a close sound with the "obi-wah" setting, you just have to tweak the knobs right and set the speed at a high rate
  7. after watching multiple videos of new born and microcuts... i've found out what MB does. in "Muse - Microcuts (Live Paris La Cigale 2001)" you can see matts DSL and its lights (yellow being clean and red being lead) change. at the point where he uses the FF he stays on the lead channel while using the FF. for New born it's a little different... -new born in italy 2003 when they play one of the first shows on the absolution tour- you can see matt flick the FF switch off after the piano/delay bit. however... during both glasto. and rock am rings new born performance matt doesn't turn off the FF after he turns off the delay.. he keeps using the stab knob and chris uses his synth to make that roto sound effect. soooooo with microcuts it's kind of obvious he uses it on a gain channel (back then) and now MB might use the FF in new born but obviously just for the heavy intro then shuts it off. i'm probably completly off, i'm just going by what i saw and i own a lot of the same amps/effects MB use. ummmmmmmm THE END
  8. pretty sure live he uses one of the phasing effects from the Mod Pro (blue rack)
  9. i thought you had like a million pedals? what happened dude?? ..was it the house?
  10. yeah, you can do whatever with pedals it doesn't really matter. i knew you had a personal liking but i just figured owning a couple i'd put my best into it. usually there's an order.. like distortion-pitch shifting-wah-chorus-modulation.. or whatever something like that but you usually have to experiment. i put my whammy after my wah.. i don't know some people do it differently..
  11. probe whammy wah big muff eq pro co sd1 od3 small stone (both) chorus flanger dl4 echohead zoom maybe??? i know the big muff is hard to put in the line when i had mine i had to switch tons of things around
  12. LOL or a P90 i kind of want a motherbucker now though... but i have a seymour duncan JB i think it's better quality but i haven't tried the motherbucker soi can't say shit
  13. the only time i've ever been confused with matts FF is during the new born BDO because you never see him switch the diezel distortion on and the FF off. but haze is right, he doesn't use the FF anymore except PIB and blackout. you could always go on the site with all the pictures of matts gear... go to the diezel picture and try to recreate his sound by doing that? today i tried putting my ff before my wireless and it does A LOT so people who don't have wireless are screwed.. yeah
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