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  1. You still around! Its been a while....

  2. Bloody hell I haven't been on my page thingy for ages and you said hello. How ruse not to say hello back...so hello....Shame on me

  3. Sorry for the late reply. I hardly get on the pc atm! Yep home. How you?

  4. hello. my you have a large list o friends!

  5. hello again, new here are we.... ! :LOL:

  6. So you like it then. Lol. Yes you should listen to some things b4 you say you hate them...this does not however work for the tweenies or Aqua.

  7. You should try "Pardon me." Its a good I'm angry go away song.

  8. hence the muse board membership i guess...I joined that group after posting that. However your hatred of ink your bus is a black mark! (well thier old stuff anyway anna molly etc are a pile of shit.)

  9. Where to begin.

    My fav is Space Dementia, but I am listening to fury, eternally missed, unitended and Uprising on a loop on my ipod atm. You?

  10. woo I have 4 friends! I saw you said you hate incubus..tut tut tut twi-tut

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