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  1. Tiket paling murah pon harga dah merangkak nak sambaq 😅 harap depa singgah malaysia sekali lagi.. 😁
  2. ambik masa sehari jugak nak hadam lagu² depa (repeat n keep repeat d album). aku harap depa buat kejutan last menet, add Tanah Malaya dalam list tour! keep fingers crossed and start saving for tix! dan lagi ni nak kampoi utk rozk zone mcm 2007
  3. DMH = DoMinic Howard? Psst, x perasan ke yg muse mmg ada pakej cd+dvd? i'm aiming for these : ABSOLUTION SHOWBIZ ORIGIN OF SYMMETRY jelesnya dgn fan dr australia.. i wish they've released : MALAYSIAN ONLY EDITION (tapi semua tu mimpi ja kot..)
  4. yeah! akhirnya! got this as my birthday present! asyik dok layan yg download punya..now i got the cd + the making dvd! eh, hello semua!
  5. ahaa.. got the 2nd law. already listening to the album. can't wait to buy it when it's available. *dom macam semakin malas mengetuk drum. LOL! #looking for CD+DVD for this coming album.
  6. selamat berpuasa to muslim user.. crazy_mary : harimau malaya? marionexxes?
  7. hai semua.. nak promote sket kat sini, boleh kot? Band name : H8 URL : facebook reverbnation youtube "Stop whispering, start shouting!"
  8. sapa yg ada d perhimpunan sejuta belia, putrajaya 28 mei hari tu? psst.. *news*
  9. any idea? kita dah lebih 30.. cadangan : bulan 5 ni..cun?
  10. *drum roll* Matt scream : COME ON and FOLLOW ME! *the best guitar riff ever!* hello semua! selamat berpuasa to sapa2 yg berpuasa..
  11. thx for the add :D (whoaa, 1st visitor msg :))

  12. source : here Muse bassist Chris Wolstenholme has confirmed to NME the band are set to start work on a new album in 2011. The star said the trio plan to head into the studio for the follow up to 2009's 'The Resistance' after they take some time off from touring. Watch him talking about Muse's plans in a video to your right. "We'll definitely start working on a new album next year," he revealed before adding: "I think we'll definitely take some time off after this touring period because it's something we've never done. I think the most time we've had off is about six weeks in the last 12 years, so we're due a break." *rindunyaaa.. lama x online.. hello semua !
  13. Wear ur MUSE shirt! Listen to MUSE in ur mp3 player/phone/iPod throughout the day! Keep talking to ur friend about MUSE till they get bored! *** download haarp the making off
  14. already got popcorn + prague.. yehaa!! shhh... popcorn is one of the most funny muse song.. ampesh!
  15. uiks... MK ULTRA!!! Fav. jam song! isk.. membingitkan telinga, LOL! eh, dlm pic tu sapa punya tour programme? dlm tu ada apa ha? hmm..
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