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  1. thx for the add :D (whoaa, 1st visitor msg :))

  2. thx for the calendar :D nice work!

  3. hey hey hey.. lama x nampak.. mana hilang ?

  4. wow.. nice picture!

  5. waaa... selamat berpuasa.. lama x online.. :D


    try la dgr preview live record kami.. http://www.myspace.com/h8band


    take care, c ya!

  6. yeah! dah settle.. but didin't make it to final. at least, puas hati.. :p

    awat lama x on myspace?

  7. hello there.. how u doing? hope everything's ok... it's hard time for me.. bz terok.. preparing for the Asian Beat '09 that will be held at The Flamingo, A.Star this 18 July.. adehhh..

  8. projek apa plak? going for a blind date with Dom @ Matt ? :p

    i'm working now.. hehe.. kumpul duit ntuk muse next concert live in malaysia..

    eh, u study @ working?

  9. hey there! :) have a great weekend.. i'm a bit bz lately.. got a lot of stuff to do.. :D

  10. hey there! a bit bz lately.. hehehe.. got project to do.. eh, research ntuk next human gen? semacam ja bunyi.. seram sejuk plak rasa..

  11. research? cari apa? hehe..

  12. make a wallpaper of matt playing fury at RAH please.. it's when he's "sleeping" by his guitar :LOL:.. wow! that would be so great :)

  13. owh.. thx.. where r u from?

  14. Muse pics that u edit+create look nice. r u using corel or photoshop ?

  15. owner of any muse fans site ?

  16. merry x'mas:xmas: and happy new year!;)

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