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  1. extremisten, een woordkeuze waar het ook om ging bij de organisatie van het evenement. Prachtige woordkeuze ...
  2. Yes, it`s on the next page, http://www.musewiki.org/Dom%27s_injuries I think this is about that specific injurie, hehe, just a picture.
  3. I got absolution dvd for my christmas last year! Its a good gig! and i borrowed hullaballoo thousends of times from the library in belgium ... such a great dvd! I really love it, at one moment during a gig, you see Matt turning and turning his guitar, and than it flies away and ends on Doms head or shoulder ... So hilarical!!!!!!
  4. Hello, I`m from Belgium but I`m staying in M`sia for a year. Now I`m here in Msia muse comes to Belgium! So hopefully they also come to Msia! Where are you from? greets
  5. muse op werchter!!!!! net bevestigd op stubru - popnieuws haha zalig
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