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  1. Cause the glory days are over Muselive website used to thrive as well then just died. cause Muse new music has like zero guitar now haha
  2. Whats that black neck called? I am tempted to go for a stealth trans black on mahogany manson ma, with the new MA control button layout, with simple MBK 2 set and that neck!
  3. I have the vh-4 pedal i like it but its always on back of mind its not the real thing. How much did you pay for your vh-2?
  4. Let me know how the vh-2 is please! Was considering one but not sure id take that over a kemper
  5. They have stopped even quoting at the moment cause wait time is at 2 years haha
  6. He hardly ever uses the single coil, seems a bit pointless. Not sure why he does not just use humbucker bridge and p-90 neck for his main current guitars. I know there's the sustainer but even then how often does that get used?
  7. Yeah i already own a custom MA copperkroma but i dont use the ff so its a waste. Still prefer the mb shape and layout of controls as well. Want something more basic so was looking at options.
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