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  1. I want to queue up early too but don't want to be stood outside in the cold! Luckily, the last time I queued early it was hot
  2. I can't say which one is best sadly and I live right by the arena! What time are you queuing?
  3. I got mine immediately, check at home and see if you have put it a safe place. I've done that before with tickets. Not long now, let me know if anyone fancies meeting up. What time if everyone queuing?
  4. There's loads of amazing places to eat. I would recommend Exchange Square if you want to stay close to the venue, or can venture further away to the Northern Quarter or Spinningfields/Deansgate. Exchange Square is a stone's throw away with mainly restaurants. Northern Quarter is bars and restaurants. And Spinningfields/Deansgate is the same but pricer.
  5. I live in Manchester next to Manchester Arena, I'm going on my own now so if anyone wants to meet up - hit me up. I can show you around Manchester if you're getting here earlier an point you to right direction (the bar or to queue early).
  6. Could you point me in the right direction, please? Where am I looking on Ticketmaster for the part that says it's a 30 minute set. I'm looking at my order summary and cannot find it I haven't had any coffee yet so my brain isn't actually functioning.
  7. Anybody fancy my ticket for this? Ticket is GA so standing pitch ticket, ready to send immediately and is waaaaaay below face value at just £30. I just need this money to cover the cost of sending 4 cards and 3 packages to America to some of the victims of the Boston bombings. I have proof of ticket, proof of these packages and proof to show the ticket originally cost around £60. Need these gone by Thursday. Please help me out, I've been lead on twice by teenyboppers then rudely spoken to by a Belieber
  8. Anyone looking for a May 25th standing ticket? I got one for Manc and London as I didn't know where I'd be. Turns out I'm going to the Manc gig so I have this spare for anyone who wants it.
  9. Do a Twitter search for tickets a couple days before. I got a standing ticket for their November gig at face value. People will try and flog them on Twitter for face value as it's usually too late to stick on eBay. But like Jobby said, don't bet on it. Some of my friends are planning to do this too so their will be a lot of competition and from what I can remember, there was certainly a lot of competition for the November gig and that wasn't a stadium gig.
  10. I must the only one who loves all the support acts. Was very happy to hear that Dizzee was supporting, very jealous of those who were getting Biffy and Paramore as I love them both. Cherry on the cake was hearing that Bastille were supporting the Manchester gig as I was meant to be seeing them not too long ago but couldn't make it.
  11. Hello, you beautiful lot! Just wondering if there are any meet-ups for the Manchester gig happening. My friend can't make it anymore so I'm on my own and for such a big venue, it would probably make sense to enjoy it with others. Would ideally like to attend with at least few females to reduce my chance of being murdered or raped (not that women aren't capable) as I have a US holiday to attend later on in the year and it would be fabulous if I could be alive for that. Would appreciate any info on this
  12. I love your subject title. What seats are they?
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