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  1. Just secured two floor seats! God damn that wasn't cheap.....
  2. Leaving work about 6.30 and headed straight there. Here's hoping the rain is over for the day!
  3. For some reason when i read the tour dates I didn't register Jones Beach as being close (think I was looking for NYC on the list) so missed out on tickets. Delighted to pick up a couple for this show though, should be a good time (as long as they don't play too much shoegazing pish)
  4. Friend of mine called the venue who said Muse are on at 8.45, so we'll be pregaming round the corner and then heading in about 8. Apologies in advance to anyone I crush/bump/step on while jumping around like a mad man.
  5. Phew, found it, thanks James! Yeah, hopefully that is one code for all, otherwise they'll have a bunch of unhappy musers! Interesting it will be in the round - one of the gigs a few years ago at MSG was like that too and it was pretty cool.
  6. I'm there!!! Normally I get an email any time they are performing in my area, but nothing this time. Anyone get anythig? That makes me a little worried about the pre-sale, I want to make sure I get a code, but where do i find it??
  7. absolutely epic gig that was. Great setlist and a really excellent crowd. I definitely kept banging in to people and stepping on feet, but instead of the day-tripper fans, I was surrounded by the hardcore, so every bump or step was counteracted with a smile or a hug or a chat. I thought the setlist was really really strong - i was glad of a couple of slower songs for the opportunity to recover! I'm not as young as I once was..... The only disappointment was no Plug in Baby - switch Starlight for that and that encore would have sent us all in to delirium. Absolute madness at the end for Knights, so much bumping and shoving and jumping and moshing - superb!
  8. Headed down soon to drink whiskey and eat sandwiches in the park before a couple more drinks and heading in around 8. Doubt we'll get near the front (although my wife likes to make her way there) but it should still be an epic gig filled with jumping around!!
  9. Can't wait for this! Now just to decide on my drug lineup for the gig My apologies in advance to everyone i manically jump in to....
  10. The bus will either be at Port Authority or MSG maybe - either way, you can walk to either easily within the time. Worst case scenario if you need to take a cab you can be there in 5 mins or so for no more than 10 bucks.
  11. I just want a hard core gig, none of this orchestral staring nonsense, lets jump around from start to finish!! Plug In Baby for sure, would love Knights of Cydonia, but i don't see it. Showbiz would be amazing and Microcuts is totally flipping intense live! Maybe Stockholm Syndrome too! Basically I won't sleep between now and then
  12. People better be prepared for a mosh pit though!!
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