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  4. These are great guys ! Also, during USOE?? The woman beside my screamed "they stole my shirt !" I guess somebody came through the aisle and took it. And? She proceeded to look for it during one of the best songs of the gig and asking everyone around her if "anybody had seen her shirt.".:LOL:
  5. For example. In Atlanta. As Newborn was playing.... "Is this a new song for their new album?" :LOL: Also, "I wish this guy would shut up. I can't hear Muse because he's singing so loud.":LOL:
  6. Still trying to wrap myself around this gig. No doubt that Muse were awesome, I just felt a little out of it because (for once) I was seated and I am used to being able to actually SEE them. The screens were very erratic, so it was hard to REALLY see for longer than a second. It just got too busy for my taste. Lesson learned? ALWAYS do GA. Also, did anyone notice anything about the sound? It just seemed out of sync a bit. And I have to admit - please don't hate me - that Matt's energy was different than I'm used to. A certain spontaneity was missing. But again-I'm used to seeing them really up close so I shouldn't even comment. I LOVED ESOE and UNNATURAL SELECTION. Also, their riffs were incredible. Would've loved more piano with CE or B&H, especially. But again? The night was great. As always. Look forward to seeing some up-close vids. OH ! And thank you for the ticket Natalia. Great seats. I'm just a spolied brat, I suppose.
  7. Everyone be safe. I will try and find some of you in line tomorrow. Maybe go to that little tavern that someone was speaking about before the show. I'm excited. P.S. Thank you Natalia.....
  8. I am at wild wing in Alpharetta awaiting 99x to show up for the contest they are having. Hopefully, i'll get a pass to the dress reheqrsel. Gonna work it. Will keep you posted.
  9. In case it hasn't been posted.....Project 96.1 said that Muse would be going directly to the studio after the show to hang out for an hour or so and basically DJ a bit. This is quite normal for them, actually. BTW, Anyone gonna be at Wild Wing in Alpharetta on Thursday to see the final 10 of the 99x contest???
  10. Me? Noooooo. I'm just excited to go and see who will win and be able to play with Muse. Maybe the guys will show up. Although, I know it's too much to hope for.
  11. OH ! And the judging of the final 99x people? It's my normal watering hole. I'm there, like, 3 times a week. It's a mile away from my house. YEEHAW ! Wild Wing in Alpharetta.
  12. I heard on project 96.1 that they are releasing more tickets. BUT. Here is the deal. The DJ said that they were limited view ONLY for the Silversun Pick-ups and NOT Muse.... Does this mean that Muse will be able to be viewed 360 degrees? And how fabulous would it be if they put the stage dead center???? I'm getting excited.
  13. I remember when there were barely 20k users... Anyway-missed out on buying tix to the concert so am now looking at ticket brokers. Ugh. If anyone is interested in sharing the cost, please let me know. Looking at section 219. row A. I've seen Muse 5 times, and have only been seated once. Unsure about the GA TIX. I've gotten slammed when on the floor..... PM me if interested.
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