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  1. odd. Anyway, we've gotten my mother's test results today. She has 2 small tumors in her brain,so she's being send through to a different, bigger hospital.
  2. It was a bit less here, but still quite a lot. Strange though, did the entire country have a lot of fog?
  3. Just get over here then, grab a plane or whatever ...although this morning there's a *lot* of fog outside (I can't even see the church that usually dominates the view out of my window). We don't have snow here, full stop .. we used to, when I was younger, but somewhere through out the years the snow disappeared, and now even if it is snowing, it doesn't lay there but immediately disappears
  4. actually, she usually has either normal or high blood pressure, so it wasn't low blood pressure (I'm the one in the family that has low blood pressure, so I know what it feels like, and this wasn't it) The weather here has been quite warm lately, so it wasn't cold luckily. Although last thursday, when it happened, it was still quite cold, but around the time that this happened it had warmed up quite a bit. The doctors are letting her stay until at least thursday, as far as I know she's got one test left at the moment, another scan, but we don't know any of the results of the other tests yet. テスト がんばります! ありがとう ^_^
  5. My mom's in hospital because she just went knock-out while walking with our dog. She was unconscious for about 15 minutes, didn't wake up until she was in the ambulance, and they're now still trying to figure out what's wrong with her. Although my mother thinks she's perfectly fine, I (and the doctors as well, I guess) figured people don't just fall and are then unconscious for 15 minutes for no specific reason. has it really been 3 years since you wrote anything in Japanese?
  6. 日本語!YAY! *ごめね* みんなさん、元気ですか? 私は元気です、でも、私の母はびょういんにいます。。。(I hope I said that right) Anyway, I'm at my parents place now, going back to my own room in Maastricht tomorrow, so I can at least make my last exam, since I missed the one that's today because of my mom.
  7. ありがとうございます、みんなさん!! haha, it almost seems like yesterday that I was 14, doesn't it and yes, I am indeed almost old enough to go to Japan by myself. Actually, from Dutch standards, I am, but it's the Japanese that have this thing of having to be 21 to be allowed everything... but hopefully I will go to Japan in about 2 years (and spent half a year there then )
  8. waaah a Korean thread! brilliant! Could you guys help me learn Korean? I'm especially interested in the writing, I love the characters, even though I can't read them *I'm mainly interested because of DBSK, but sshhhhh* Oh, and I'm also interested because I see some good opportunities for a job later if, besides Japanese, I also know Korean. Though I could be mistaken, ofcourse.
  9. 明けましておめでとございます、みんなさん! えーと。。。。今私は父と母のうちにいます。たのしくないです。(bored out of my mind here). でも、私の誕生日はおとといでした。じゃ、今、私は18さいです。18!!! WHHIIEEE! [/quits the randomness]
  10. *jumps up and down, screaming* ANCAFÉ IS COMING TO GERMANY!!!!!!!!!! 私はANCAFEが好きです!!!大好き!! *I actually almost started crying just by reading that they're coming to Germany..and they're going to a town that's quite close to where I live as well, YAY!!!!* Gods, I love AnCafé, absolutely love them. They're the only Japanese band I have an actual, official cd of (Magnya Carta), and they're the most frequent band to fill my walls with posters. *has lost all coherency, sorry*
  11. 何ですか。 whaaaaah I don't even know if I did that right, and I've got several tests on my Japanese coming up :'( *runs away screaming*
  12. aah thank you very much! *goes and try to memorise this*
  13. 私わ日本語の学生 ですmeans I am a Japanese student, as far as I know. I do know quite sure that saying you're a Japanese teacher is "日本語の先生です” since if this is wrong, my teacher (and my 2 teachers from Japan) are wrong. You could be right about the benkyoushimasu. I tend to get the different times and such mixed up (I never really know when to use shimashita/shimasu/etc). I did however intend to say I have been studying Japanese, instead of still studying it, but my Japanese is not good enough yet (but then, my study has started about 6 weeks ago). You are right about the arigatou, I forgot to put the U in it. ごめなさい。 ありがとう。 そですね? You are also right about the 'wa' part, that's my mistake for writing too fast and not thinking too well. I have a tendency to write things phonetically, still working on it. (I used to write "hai" as "haj" even ..woops )
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