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  1. Cuando se piensa en hacer transacciones con un proveedor prestamos con asnef rapidos, usted tiene que establecer plazo ventas antes. Condiciones de venta son los plazos y los descuentos disponibles en el que hay que pagar al proveedor una vez que reciba la factura, después de recibir los bienes y servicios. Raras son las empresas que exigirán el pago inmediato, salvo que se trate de una empresa joven que todavía tiene que ganar su confianza. Es una interesante alternativa a los bancos cuando se buscan financiación.

  2. Yes, a very relaxing holiday, but now it's all crazy again with work... *sigh* How about you? How were your holidays..?

  3. THANKS! Did you have a good one?

  4. Happy New Year! :)

  5. Look at my last message, from January this year!

  6. Say what? I'm confused.

  7. I got your message from last year one year on. It's all about the Daily Mash

  8. Yo! All's good dude, hope you're OK too?

    The Daily Mash is amazing, my favourite website. I'm assuming you probably know most others like Brass Eye, David Mitchell's Observer rants and Mark Thomas' blog. The enemies of reason blog isn't alawys satirical but it can be, and it's awesome.

  9. Yo hows tircks?


    I have a vague memory of you having links the The Onion or somesame satrical mag. Any tips for satire writing - not done any for years and forgetten everything.


    Easy now!

  10. Sounds great, I would come up there if I can! Yeah, the seven proposals....major LOL. :p

    I have moved a lot in the past two years as well, and it really gets to be a drag after awhile, for sure! Traveling is one thing, but completely moving house all the time is another....it's not fun.

  11. Get yesen up north, to Northumberland National Park, the Lakes and Yorkshire :happy:

    Seven proposals? Love it :LOL:

    Ach no change, ever, same old same old. I need to stop moving to the other end of the country every 6 months :chuckle:

  12. I don't hate IT crowd but it definitely isn't as well written as either Father Ted or Black books. Oh well fingers crossed for something new!

  13. :LOL: You nosy girl! :p Yeah, I'm trying to come over there this summer to do an acupuncture seminar. It would be in the Dorset area. Then I'd go visit peeps in Brighton and my good friend who lives in a northern suburb of London.

    At one point, I think there were like seven marriage proposals, including one from a woman! :LOL:

    I thought I remembered your profession correctly! :) So how've you been? Anything exciting in your life recently..?

  14. Totally. Something better than IT Crowd as well - it's improved considerably but it's not even close to Father Ted or Black Books

  15. It would be so amazing if they came back with something new. Don't know if it would happen but I think they should do it. Don't know what happened there but it all ended quite suddenly.

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