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  1. Well, it's true. I've never heard anybody say a bad word about him. Whereas I've heard a lot of good and bad stuff about some band members. That's why I'm not sure I really want to ever meet them. In case I'm left disappointed.
  2. Seems to me he's always been popular in his own way..I don't think popularity has anything to do with how many people know you and like you...because lets face it...outside of this board...most people don't know Tom from Adam. It's to do with the minority that do know you and the amount of respect those few have for you..which in his case...is a helluva lot of resepect.. i dare say..more than certain band members...in the case of some..
  3. Lol. I get laughed at because I'm constantly saying 'mate' and 'lovely' which apparently Americans don't use. Dom is such a geezer Wasn't this the show where the security were basically beating up the girls in the front and Dom was like 'you think you're so hard'. It's a given that Muse are extremely caring people but I think it's only right they should step in. Who knows what would have happened otherwise.
  4. 'Your golden skies Feed my role In this forgotten space race Under my control' Also....from the same song... 'You know I dont love you and I never did I dont want you and I never will' - for the ultimate in bashing a shit boyfriend
  5. Don't worry, almost everybody says that muse and management (certain management) are lovely, down to earth, personable people. You'll feel completely at ease, I'm sure. Maybe you could tell them it's your first interview.
  6. Can't say I've met him, but EVERYBODY who has, says he's really sweet. He has a lot of admiration and respect amongst the muse community.
  7. What would you make if you're the only survivor on the earth after the end of the world? "Uhm... I would search a woman. If I didn't find her, I would satisfied with Dominic..." (Matthew Bellamy, Psycho Oct 2003) And....be ready with a sick bucket.... "Love is something that makes you smile whenever they are there, it makes you happy and gives you the feeling of contentment. It¹s about giving without wanting to get anything back. That's the most basic way of explaining it, when you get pleasure from giving yourlself and your time to another person, expressing things and expressing another side to you that no one else knows. It's when you can talk about anything, like your worst fears - you can be truly open in a way that you can¹t be with anyone else." (Dom about love... Rock Sound, Oct 2003)
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