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  1. 2 tickets, Level 1 ROW A, BABY! Sorry for everyone who didn't manage to get any though, that was a total nightmare. Fingers crossed for all of you for Friday.
  2. I am too old to stand these days and also like to be able to see. And to be able put my bag & coat down. Things like that become important when you reach a certain age After having a heart attack at the price, I went for the Club seats, but now feel like a massive tit as I didn't realise the general admission were also for unreserved seats. Oh well. Got block 61, which looks ok. Interested to know if there were any better blocks available.
  3. Haha, well spotted. I was just talking to someone about the Wembley pre-sale before I posted and saying that there's always been a choice of seating & standing. I will remember it's at the O2 come October
  4. If you look at ordering the box set now, it says that it's a 'deluxe' box set, not that it's a ltd edition and it also clearly states that the box does not include the 5.1 disc. When I ordered my box set, which was on the first day it was put up on the website, I'm sure it still said that the box set did not include the 5.1 disc. So I don't know...
  5. My number is 4219. I thought when you ordered the box set it said that it didn't include the 5.1 disc? I haven't actually opened mine yet, waiting until I get home in case someone dents it on the Tube...
  6. Unfortunately, I have no picture, but did anyone see Holby last night? Anthony the vicar looked very much like Matt with when he had big, spikey hair. It was quite extraordinary.
  7. Do any girls have the black & white Atticus jacket? I've had my eye on one for a while, but I'm worried that even the small one would be too big for me (I'm size 10 and 5ft5"). If any petite girls have one, I'd appreciate knowing how big the jacket is on you!
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