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  1. I was really proud I got 6 tickets with preorder pre sale en preorder spotify, turns out it is still not sold out.....
  2. Don't know how many concerts you've been to, but they usually start at 19.30/20.00 with 1 support act, especially during weekdays. 17.30 is quite impossible to combine that with a normal workday
  3. Btw does it really start at 17.30? Weird time
  4. haaaa Anniek, heb je al kaartjes . Ik heb er 6!
  5. Hi there, I'm from the Netherlands I purchased 3 tickets for the show in Milan (gonna have a nice weekend there). However the site was slow and I just picked the standard options. This means it says: Ritiro presso l´evento. Google translate tells me that it means: pick up at the event. What do I need to do for that? Can I go the day before? Do I just need my confirmation code or more?
  6. Quick question. I found my presale code, but don't where to find the link for the presale that starts tomorrow... Do I have to be logged in for that or will it just appear on the website? (*feeling stupid atm)
  7. Thx for the tips . Think I'll wait until closer to the concert indeed.
  8. Thinking of buying standing tickets from marktplaats. Only papertickets, not e-tickets but still feels a bit dodgy. Does anyone have any tips on making sure they are real??? p.s. I will only pay the normal price and don't need the tip "just don't buy them"
  9. Damn, also just decided to buy today, standing tickets sold out . Stupid, but I didn't expect that to be sold out already. Put me next in line for leftover tickets, looking for 2!
  10. Yeah awesome to see that they had such a good time. Also one song Matt made a mistake and said f*ck (no not uprising, before that). Chris looked at him and laughed from the other end of the stage. But can't remember which song
  11. Best gig of Muse I have been to. Besides the awesome music, this also helped: 1. Awesome long solo's and jamming 2. Audience singing a long so well, I think even Matt was impressed 3. "They will not cont"F*CKING"trol us" 4. Dom running around with the dutch flag 5. Getting back on stage with all the phone lights (Yes I know they always come back, but it looked cool!)
  12. Going to Ziggo Dome 17-12-2012 BoGi from Friesland plus friend BobbyR. from Volendam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands Jackparker from zuidholland Bellapod from Reading, GB ashton h Surrey GB karinvisser from Friesland agenthal (Haley) from Austin, TX, USA (via Glasgow) lynn81 from Limburg, Netherlands MidnightMuse from Groningen, the Netherlands Zwiet78 from Gorinchem, The Netherlands HAARP61 from Adelaide, South Australia lsgriffiths from England muse_nl from Kampen, The Netherlands Cyndris from Zutphen, The Netherlands MuseMatt from Nowhere.. the centre of everywhere ♪, The Netherlands MuseNL86 from Amersfoort Mindstorm, Amsterdam Silver Lizzy from Volendam Sandertheninja from Lelystad StratosNL from Hellevoetssluis Ishtar from Rotterdam CtrlElite from Delft Lott_ from Delft (or Utrecht depends on where I am) Redd (+3) from Amsterdam
  13. Hmm don't read the fora enough to notice that people mentioned it before. But I do really like his singing! Just not the breathing part . It did get a lot better idd
  14. /me is afraid of the angry replies I'm gonna get on this But I don't like the breathing technique (actually the lack of it) of Matt while singing on the album. Every time he has to take a deep breath between the lines of the lyrics. Which make it sound he is suffocating himself by singing. It sounds like the first breath you take after you have been underwater for long time. Especially noticeable with the songs Newborn and Space Dementia. Oke you can start flaming now
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