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    Yello : ) My name's Josh, I'm a laid back guy who loves his metal & ale & going out to town every fortnight to have a good time. I'm also part of a music promotions group called Ragebreed & I am in a gore death metal band called CorpseX. You can find us on myspace music easily enough.

    I love going to gigs & try to go to them often as I can & considerably more next year than I have this. I'm also a bit of a sex freak & have a high sex drive.. I've been a dirty minded bastard from day 1 I reckon haha. Feel free to add me if you wish I'm easy going and straight talking. My life passion is playing guitar and to be in a successful metal band. [whatever form of metal it is that I get in, I don't mind too much I like most sub-genres of metal]
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    United Kingdom
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    Listening to music, finding new bands that are good, writing music, tabbing music, playing guitar, playing bass, going out to my local clubs / pubs, finding new clubs / pubs, drinking ale, trying out new ales, going to festivals, motorbikes, going to gigs, being in a band, reading, excersising, lovemaking
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    Customer Services.
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    Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest, Cream, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Venom, TestAmenT, Kreator, Exhorder, Exodus, Municipal Waste, Nuclear Waste, Vio-lence, Forbidden, Slayer Machine Head, Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, DevilDriver, Five Finger Death Punch, Possessed, Death, Suffocation, Gorguts, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Cryptopsy, Defeated Sanity, Deeds of Flesh, Insidious Decrepancy, Viral Load, Necrophagist, Spawn of Possession, Origin, Carcass, Beneath the Massacre, Cephalic Carnage, Nile, Brutal Truth, Napalm Death, Orange Goblin, Down, Fu Manchu, Kyuss, QotSA, Electric Wizard, Paganini, Chopin, Mozart, Rachmaninoff[sp?], Debussy, Beethoven, Portis Head, Bjork to name a few.
  • Favourite Films
    Don't really watch that many films anymore, I'm too much into my music. But a few I love:

    The Crow
    The Green Mile
    Many films that include Arnie, Sly, J.C.V.D., Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Bruce Lee, Jim Carrey, Robert DeNiro (favourite actor), Ben Stiller to name a few. I really can't be arsed to write loads of films I like on here to be honest.
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    Nothing much nowadays I don't really watch TV much at all unless I catch the news or I'm round my gf's house.
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    Origin of Symmetry

    That's all you need.
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    None / None
  1. Tenga en cuenta que el período actual difiere entre empresas creditos rapidos asnef, y que el índice de pago no lo hacen se indica el promedio de días después de la facturación, pero sólo el promedio de días después de que el período actual ha terminado . Por ejemplo, si un proveedor permite a 15 días de período actual y el índice de pago de la empresa muestra 20 días de mora, 35 días en total ha pasado desde que fue facturado. Si el período actual es de 40 días, 60 días ha pasado después de la facturación. De esa manera, nos aislar a finales de los días y puede compararlos entre diferentes proveedores.

  2. Your sig is terrifying! :LOL:

  3. Nice list you have there. I'm not too keen on Gibson. Apart from the SGs I don't really like much of their stuff. If I had the money I'd have a custom PRS over a Jackson, 'cause the sound of a PRS is just swish. Can't beat the quality. Can't argue with the acousts. Takamine[sp?] are grand aswell. Only tried a Fender bass once before, & the action on it was way too high for my liking, but it was part of the Grammer schools music selction, so yeah. Perhaps a Laney would do well for low gain aswell, they are also quality amps. If if you're happy with the current sound you can get out your equipment, & EQ doesn't hurt as long as you can use it properly. I'm all for shaping sounds further. I wouldn't call myself a metalhead really, but I listen to metal quite alot.. 60% of all music I listen to. But I also listen to jazz, blues, classical & the like. So metalhead with a difference if you will. It's no suprise what I listed would be metalage products.
  4. Guitars: Jackson, Fender, PRS & Ibanez for guitarage. Bass: Spectre, Modulous[sp?] & Warwick for basses. Amps for elec: Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier [With you own custom tubes], Diezel, Peavey XXX, Engl Powerball. Bass Amps: Ampeg Effects: Line 6 Pod XT, or Pod xt Live. Whack a nice EQ in aswell & a rack mounted tuner.. Monster cables or some wireless system is good enough. Venom [i think they're called that] cables are good.
  5. Where's the pics of people headbanging? 'Tis great when you have long hair.
  6. I take it 70% of the people that come into Main Muse don't understand sarcasm.
  7. Josh


    Recess is great.. With all the Wah & Reverb & tremolo picking & all. Easily one of the best B-Sides. Next to Hyper Chondriac Music.
  8. I would if I had a Digi... I'm getting one after me birthdeh in November though.
  9. No doubt this has already been done but I can't be arsed to search properleh! http://www.last-goodbye.net/lens/wallpapers/music_muse1.jpg Tis rubbish I know... I'm ashamed of myself... *cries in corner*
  10. I'd contribute with a Matt sex face, but I don't want to type in Matt sex face on google!
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