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  1. I have an Uprising teddy that I’m selling. Anybody interested?
  2. I can’t seem to find the ticket prices anywhere. Where can I see them? Thanks.
  3. https://ebay.co.uk/usr/figanomics I am selling some Muse shirts - two from Origin, one from 2006 tour and one from Wembley 2007.
  4. I sold almost my entire Muse collection but managed to keep hold of my Absolution alien necklace. I think it's very hard to come across this item these days so definitely a great item for any collection. It features the Muse logo on the reverse. Welcome any offers.
  5. Really looking forward to this gig. Seen Muse on multiple occasions, almost always in UK (once in Paris too) so super excited to finally see them in the States! Hoping the crowd will be better than my last gig at o2!
  6. Expensive for CD+DVD when you include postage. I went with Amazon in the end - £1.50 postage for guaranteed delivery on 8th June plus £1 cheaper anyway. Only difference is no digital download for Psycho but I can live with that.
  7. DW

    New tour merch online

    I would have loved to have been able to purchase the Assassin shirt in red. The design is great and the green shirt is one of my favourites.
  8. It's been a while since I posted here, so my apologies if I've posted this in the wrong area. I used search but couldn't find a similar thread. Anyway, I've been a fan of Muse since the 90's but over the last year, I'm losing a little love for them. I'll always be a fan of the older stuff, and I love some of the newer stuff (Panic Station is orgasmic!) but a majority of T2L just isn't for me. Sooo, on to the matter at hand. I've decided it's time to sell my collection. The above, combined with looking for a new house, has made my mind up for me. That's where I need your help. I used to be an eBay whore when it came to Muse but nowadays, I haven't got the foggiest what things are worth and the best place to sell such a collection. What I need to know is a rough price I can expect someone to pay for my collection and the best place to sell it. eBay, on here, on a music website, individually, as a collection etc. So, here goes, this is my collection. Hopefully some of you will be able to help me in valueing it. Showbiz 12” Vinyl (WB Reissue) [sEALED] Origin Of Symmetry 12” Vinyl (WB Reissue) [sEALED] Absolution 12” Vinyl (WB Reissue) [sEALED] Black Holes & Revelations 12” Vinyl [sEALED] The Resistance 12” Vinyl [sEALED] The Resistance Boxset [sEALED] Exogenesis 12” Vinyl [sEALED] The Resistance CD [sEALED] Supermassive Selection CD [sEALED] Random 1-8 [sEALED] Dead Star / In Your World Japanese CD [sEALED] Butterflies & Hurricanes CD + Umyx Hyper Music Boxset [CDs are SEALED] Showbix Boxset [sEALED] Absolution Boxset [sEALED] Knights Of Cydonia CD Knights Of Cydonia DVD Knights Of Cydonia Vinyl [sEALED] Supermassive Black Hole CD Supermassive Black Hole DVD Supermassive Black Hole Vinyl [sEALED] Invincible CD Invincible DVD Invincible Vinyl [sEALED] Starlight CD Starlight DVD Starlight Vinyl [sEALED] Uprising CD Uprising Vinyl Resistance CD Resistance Vinyl 8x Muse Mugs – Blue, Yellow, Red, Black, 4x Resistance Uprising Teddy United States Of Eurasia Flag Muse Sign (approx 30”x15”) from Reading, signs of festival damage but cool nonetheless 3x Wristbands – White, Black and The Resistance Muse Scarf The Resistance Puzzle Game (#1051) Message Board Exclusive Green Shirt [sEALED] Plectrum Set (1st Issue) [sEALED] Logo Sticker (White background blue logo) Plectrum necklace Alien phone charm Alien necklack The Resistance Pen Assorted unofficial badge collection I think that's it! So, in short, I'm looking to sell and need your help. I just need a rough value for my collection.
  9. happy birthday!! :D:party:

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