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    I like Muse and CSI:Crime Scene Investigation [Vegas] and i too am an American Psycho fan
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    In my house.
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    Strumming my guitar, in the dissillusioned hope of learning to play it.
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  1. I have a poster of them gigging in that get-up
  2. Great stuff, you even got his fear of spiders in there [spiders *shivers* eugh] Keep going, i liked his face on, erm page 5 the one when she is stood behind him as a silloutte [sp?] very cool. And page 4 when it says "who goes there?"
  3. They are really good! Hahaha they are really good! I'm gonna show my friend Daisy, she loves all that stuff!
  4. Where did ya get that from? It's sweet!
  5. haha you are right, your knowledge of CSI does pwn (what does that mean?) and i am ashamed. If you ask Matt he will tell you how i came to think that i am in his underwear
  6. Jimson weed, i'll get you some as long as you promise not to end up nude, dead in a desert.
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