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    i'll talk about just about anything, and know a lot of stuff. no joke. i'm on sometimes, try me. i love talking to british people, but i also like talking to just about anyone.
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    TOUCH ME I'M BEAUTIFUL. the darker crannies of the third circle of hell. *lurk*
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    guitar, talking online, reading, myspace blog, collecting masses and masses of music
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    i am an international fashion guru. technomatt wrangler. mo toady.
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    white rose movement, joy division, new order, gary numan /or the tubeway army, duran duran, neil young, interpol, ladytron, MSI, man or astroman, nirvana, presets, the smiths, depeche mode, radiohead, she wants revenge, von bondies
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    csi vegas, criminal minds, drawn together, duckman, rockos modern life, aeon flux
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    sci fi and fantasy mostly, but i read a whole shitload of fiction when i'm not busy.
  1. yes. and hopefully matt won't be sucking his cheeks in these. lol
  2. wow. always nice to see what level of the impressively strange you inspire in people.

  3. umm... exuse me, who is technomatt??? well... I know who technomatt is... Matt bellamy's cohort in crime yata yata yata... but RLY who is technomatt???

  4. hey,there's stories behind my tats. lol why else get them. but i's always funny when people see my dragon and back up and say "OHMYGODTHAT'SASNAKEWHYYOUGOTASNAKEONYOU!?!?!!!?" at which point i explian it's an oriental dragon which = no wings. lol
  5. it's because matt's a total hoe and loves the attention, although he's bitches about some of the weirdos. i think he's just lonely myself.
  6. my parents are rather confused as to what the fuck that noise is. they ignore it for the most part and think it's funny that i like the band so much and listen to it a lot even though i clearly listen to a lot of music other than muse. i bought a tee shirt and i was telling my dad i ordered it online and he was like muse shirt and was was like yeah... lol
  7. ok. i've got a fucking classic matt quote you're not going to find in any magazine about his thoughts on babies: and i'm paraphrasing some of it mind you: matt: ugh. babies are fucking scary. the only way i'd want one is if i could like rent it or somethign and hand it off to someone else when it got too SHITTY. lol i can't remember what the conversation was about, just how hard i laughed when he said that. oh and p.s.: he says he's had e-fucking-nough of the bond films cuz chris watches them incessantly. lol
  8. hey, i boxed it up real pretty like and addressed it in clean handwriting and the like and i mailed it off one afternoon and i have no clue where it went after that. ^_- maybe the dryer monster that eats your socks ate it. maybe a UFO abducted it. but i haven't seen it since. i'm not exactly sure what i'm supposed to do about it, you know? although i feel wonderfully inadquate for it.
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