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    Psycho UK Tour

    Yup, tix for Manc sorted
  2. Amp question: My Blackstar HT-20 combo has started clipping/breaking up at really low volumes on the clean channel. The volume seems really variable by itself, too. I've ran another head through the speaker, so I've ruled that out. Tubes fucked or something? EDIT: Here's a quick example. https://soundcloud.com/you-are-not-cat/amp-test This is with the clean volume at 12 o'clock and master at just under 8.
  3. Here's an Isolated System cover wot I dun http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7uY1MpZTXs&feature=youtu.be
  4. That was a cracking gig, with an interesting setlist. Starlight closing was the only weird bit. Best I've seen them in a long while. And does it really matter who plays which instruments?
  5. Think my main issue is the lack of anything at the higher frequency end of things. The bass is beefy as fuck, it really doesn't need guitar chugs and tom-based drumming along with it. Just all sounds a bit flat and messy. Would've been much better with some high trem-picked guitar or chords around 12th fret, and a drum pattern that used the ride rather than toms. Would open it up a bit more.
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