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  1. What the HELL do you want?!


    Also, hello.

  2. Yeah I do, bass though.

  3. Merry Christmas to you too =) I'm good thanks, you? x

  4. Ooh, cool. Think they went ok? :happy:

    My MSN is adam AT fishpasty.co.uk, give it a go :) xx

  5. Ahoy! I'm good cheers. :p You?

  6. I am back. Stop your whinging. :p

  7. You are mean :(x

  8. Roman Imperial History. Boring stuffs :(

  9. Was a bit rubbish actually :( Hopefully the next one will be better!

    Is your coursework anything exciting?

  10. Cheers! :D

    Had en exam today, and I have to revise all day tomorrow, so weekend's not great. :( You?

  11. Not even heard of that I'm afraid.

    I like all sorts of films, when I get time to watch them. Don't watch many any more :(

  12. I'm doing Philosophy and Ancient History at Uni - Doesn't give me enough time to read half the stuff I'd like, usually I have to be reading Ancient texts and random bits of Philosophy, which're interesting, but I'd like to be able to read more widely.

    Again, not really thought about favourite film :p It'd probably be something silly, like Monsters Inc., though - that's an awesome film :p What 'bout you?

  13. No idea what my favourite book is :p Probably Nineteen Eighty-Four, but I haven't really though about it. I've finished studying Nietzsche now, so I think I'm gonna approach some of his stuff a bit more casually over summer, so maybe one of his will become favourite. :) Yourself?

    Sorry about lack of profile, it's far too much effort. All that kinda stuff's on Facebok :p

  14. You can't always help everybody, though :( BUT Im sure plenty of people love you :D I think you're ACE :) x

  15. Don't be sad. :( x

  16. Not read much Satre yet. Going to read Nausea over summer though. Worth it?

  17. Hah, fair enough!

  18. How could you ever be fed up of the board? :p

  19. Hah, oh dear. :( Evening was ok. Didn't do as much work as I should have, so now I have to spend the entire day revising :(

    What about yourself? x

  20. Oooh, wicked :D Now I feel embarrassed over the pathetic British heat!

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