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  1. I sometimes wonder about you pope dear
  2. Best of luck you guys, you're both great people lets hope you dont get spammed again
  3. I have no idea if that worked =/ until I post it. Okay it worked, I couldn't find any real good pictures of him that show his bellamy-ness but oh well...he just does look like him, ask any aussie muse fan they'll almost all agree with you
  4. BLISS!!?? I dont know what drugs your on but to dislike Bliss, geez what planet were you born on And TSP is wickeeeed Seriously I'd have to sit down and listen to every song to pick one to dislike, I like Hate this and I'll love you today
  5. Newborn! by the way is my favorite not the worst uuummm...I dont really know what to choose to be the worst. Maybe 'Hate this and I'll love you' but that COULD be because I've heard it so much I've gotten sick of it, depends on the day some days I hate it other days I despise it -shrug-
  6. Shush you -_-;; I KNOW I have no brain, so shooooot me!! -stabs self this time-
  7. heheh this thread was posted like a year and a half ago, so yeh >_> ignore it for your own sake, blame my new broadband for being such a fag... -stabs it again-
  8. Well arent I SO behind in the dates -stabs computer for taking her so far back into the PAST!!-
  9. If you tried to play it on a Ps2 and it came up 'Disk Read Error' it is most likely because the lasor in the PS2 is old, or has been used mostly for game and CD playing, there is likely nothing wrong with your DVD, but most likely the PS2 itself, I cant play most DVD's and CD's on my PS2 anymore, just games, I need the laser re-aligned, pfft. I just went out and brought myself a portable CD and DVd player, that way I can take Muse with me where-ever I go instead of being stuck with a chunky hardly working playstantion 2!... Not knocking my Ps2 or anything I love it to bits, but it isent very reliable. Anyway, try a different DVD player, if it doesnt work, then my idea wasent the problem and the disk is either screwed, or in the wrong format.
  10. That happened to me too, said I was already signed in, thats why I came here to ask how to fix it but its fixed now I didnt need to ask how. ^^
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