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  1. Don’t understand this more dates to be added, just say Sunderland was added and I have booked a train, hotel etc If it is booked why not let the fans pick the closest venue to them now, to be honest it’s a poor idea if true
  2. Seems strange the gap between London and Manchester , gutted no Sunderland or Newcastle date again
  3. I’m hoping for a Sunderland date as not played in north east since black holes
  4. Little gutted with the 3 UK venues , Bristol seems an odd choice of stadium Really thought I may get my first North East date since black holes
  5. A show in the north east , Sunderland or Newcastle would be great It's been far too long
  6. Just hoping for a North East date for once, been too long since the last Newcastle date
  7. So muse have played twice in the north east since 2000 gutted
  8. The sunderland date is not happening now as far as our local paper is concerned so no north east date since 2006
  9. Was Rihanna who I am shocked is doing stadiums
  10. I think it is with them having it front page
  11. maybe Peter Barron ‏@EchoPeterBarron Big announcement on North-East music concert in morning. Can't tweet front page tonight coz it'll give it away and there's a 7am embargo.
  12. I think the killers announcement caught the major sites off guard as they were expecting muse. Thats why I still think that we will hear the muse dates this week. Muse will want the killers on sale so the media attention is fully on they tour when they do announce.
  13. no annoucement today, another wembley one at end of week
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