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  1. Woooahahh james any more info on that metallic orange beast? Any audio clips? That's right up ma street!
  2. Start of something I've wanted for years since I saw Klawn's E-shape custom . A relative who's starting a small luthiery business is doing the build, here's a rough outline on specs. It'll be 6 string not like the 7 string headstock pictured. Body - E-shape mansonesque Walnut top -African mahogany body -dimarzio evolution2 in bridge + mo joe in neck -hipshot bridge -oil finished -one volume and one tone -black hardware -No pick up rings Neck -Bolt-on neck -Wenge+padouk for the neck(5 ply wenge-padouk-wenge-padouk-wenge) -Macassar ebony for the fingerboard and headstock. -Flamed mapple binding -Carbon rods + 2 ways trussrods -6105 frets -graphtech nut -Radius 12 -Scale 25.5
  3. Anyone has an E-Shape template/dimensions I can borrow per chance? Getting something made by a relative and thats my ideal shape!
  4. Sherb^Mo

    A fun game

    http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/28/creationz.png (some reason i dont see anything when i wrap the url in spoiler / img tags :S)
  5. When I saw the first prototype I thought they don't really resemble the original well enough, but rust_relics really changed my mind about them, in fact they really are true to the original in the looks/how they would feel xD Hate the black bridge pickup cover tho but each to their own:)
  6. Happy Birthday! :party:

  7. Sherb^Mo

    AF Guitars

    Someone much more clever than me please comment on possible inuendo here
  8. Sherb^Mo

    AF Guitars

    Very very nice, I don't dig fancy inlays myself but for what it is, its super duper attractive
  9. Line 6 rack, those were the days! Or the previous DL4 days when everyone on the board had one or wanted one haha... Earls Court night(s), at the time was like the biggest gig indoors they had done till then? Glad I stumped up for going to those!
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