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  1. Someone ripped them and posted to Youtube Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FA0mrN-_7qw Part 2 (Orginal Stream cut out during Showbiz) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ea9AFK9K7EE
  2. They've repeatedly said the reason they haven't played Falling Away With You is because they can't work out how to play it live, so there's that. Then there's also the songs like Exogenesis and 2nd Law Isolated system that will basically just be someone pressing the play button.
  3. It's not that hard to get close to the front at Shepherd's Bush. I started at the back for Biffy Clyro a few months ago, half way through the set I was only 3-4 rows from the front. You just need to have your wits about you
  4. Relax guys! I think you are all overestimating how many people would have voted WITHIN THE FIRST 24 HOURS of receiving the initial email. The reason the company are probably not doing a mass reset is that the numbers affected are in the dozens rather than hundreds, let alone anything close to the full 2,000 people actually going to this gig. It'll all be fine..
  5. Happy birthday :party:

  6. I really don't rate Madness too highly either. It's at least 90 seconds too long as the song really drags on and on until it gets to the good bit in the last minute. I'd be happy with a shorter version.
  7. That's a bit silly that we can't print our tickets because the ticketmaster print system is unavailable till Friday!
  8. Did we get a dubstep remix of Unintended and Blackout? The bass in those two songs was RIDICULOUS and completely out of place. Also I loved Matt's "Wos goin' on? you havin' fuckin' fight club over there or summink?" or something to that effect crowd were pretty mental on his side of the stage near the front.
  9. I live 5 minutes down the road from the stadium... I wasn't planning on going until Dizzee Rascal was due on stage. The front is overrated, I just wanna be with all the people jumping up and down and moshing.
  10. Islington police posted a picture the police helicopter took of the stadium, looking good https://twitter.com/MPSinthesky/status/338008648594898944/photo/1
  11. There's a big one called The Coronet. If you go to Holloway Road Tube, turn left out of the station (under the bridge), walk for a couple of minutes and cross the road at the traffic lights and you should be able to see it by then.
  12. Other events on in London aren't going to make a blind bit of difference to how packed the tubes are, the Champions league final is the opposite side of London. The fact that one of the escalators at Highbury & Islington is being refurbished meaning everyone wanting to get the tube has to WALK down a single set of stairs will. Don't go to Highbury & Islington station basically.
  13. Hmmm, struggling to offload my spare ticket.. If the worst comes to the worst how much of a markdown from face value do the touts "buyin' and sellin'" outside of every gig buy it for?
  14. Next time for small gigs they should have some sort of test to weed out the casuals and the touts. For the Roundhouse gig I think it was Kerrang that had screen captures from 10 of Muse's videos and you had to get all of them right to have a chance of winning 2 tickets. Do something like that, but on a larger scale. Or something like that thing that was going around a while ago where there was a picture and it had the names of 50 London Underground stations hidden in it (i.e a Shepherd standing next to a bush - Shepherd's Bush). It'll be fun, and fair!
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