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    Earl's Court - 21/12/04
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    Wembley Stadium - 16/7/07
    Teignmouth - 4/9/09
    Glastonbury 2010
    Rock Werchter - 1/7/10
    Wembley Stadium - 11/9/10
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  1. Happy Birthday! :party:

  2. See the last post on this page: http://www.musicbanter.com/media/26986-simon-amstell-appreciation-3.html What do you know, the joke isn't even Frankie's - Simon Amstell made it years ago. Edit: here's the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8j8nsaKLwcQ&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  3. Some of you may have seen the adverts on Channel 4 recently asking for submissions of live music memories and experiences for a short film called 'My Live Story'. In the Metro today there were a few photos and previews of stories which will be featured in the final film, including a really touching story from a couple who went to the Teignmouth gig: The My Live Story website (http://www.channel4.com/explore/mylivestory/index.html) says that the premiere of the short film took place on November 25th, so I guess it will be available to watch online or maybe shown on Channel 4 at some point soon. There is also a video in the gallery of a father and son bonding moment over Hysteria at Wembley on September 11th...
  4. Well, I think we can safely say there'll be one bag load of overpriced merch on eBay in a few days time courtesy of Mr Peasgood Congrats again Carly!!
  5. Voted I can't believe they nominated Muse at TITP for best festival performance over Glasto though...
  6. Nothing specific this time (he tellingly hasn't mentioned Muse at all!), but to put it simply he famously isn't the biggest muse fan seeing as his band always get compared to them by lazy journalists. I imagine he feels the same way about Matt as Matt felt about Thom Yorke when Muse were starting out. To clarify, his main band is Oceansize, but he was playing on Saturday as Biffy's second guitarist.
  7. Aw, I didn't know he was a Muser Nice to see someone appreciating supporting Muse so much *cough* Mike Vennart *cough*
  8. Just to confirm, after MK Ultra Dom says: "Thank you very much Wembley! How you guy's doing this evening? It's great to see you again...some of you at least...hopefully" Yes, he should probably have thought that sentence through before starting it...
  9. Just downloaded Chris's monitors feed and the dialogue before Starlight is crystal clear So, to make it nice and clear for everyone: "Matt: Thank you very much, cheers. Thanks very much for coming down to see us tonight, it's great to be here with you guys. It's great to be back in England, we've been, like, all over. Always a great pleasure to be with you guys, we know you guys are the real fans tonight. We can tell the difference *laughs* Dom: I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank I Am Arrows, White Lies and Biffy Clyro for playing with us tonight. I watched them, they're all great...I think I'll dedicate this song to all our friends, family and loved ones and everyone that's here to see us tonight as well." All this talk of "it's a great pleasure" has taken me right back to Earl's Court 2004 I'll have a listen and see if there's any more speech on this recording...
  10. Here's my clip of the Bliss falsetto and outro...flawless [YT] [/YT]
  11. Just thought I'd share this little story with you all... My parents bought me the Muse artwork poster or my birthday in August from the .mu store. It arrived in a cardboard tube, but the tube had been dented in the post and the poster had a big crease all down it. My dad sent an email to complain and eventually (after several weeks), he got an automated reply saying that the matter was being looked into. UPS have just knocked on my door to deliver a parcel addressed to my Dad from WMIS (part of Warner Music Group), from a distribution centre in Germany. It was in a long flimsy cardboard box (NOT a tube). Normally I wouldn't open packages not for me, but I noticed that the corner had been ripped open. I shook the package a bit and to my surprise out fell another Muse artwork poster. However, this one is REALLY badly dented to the extent that it just looks screwed up and there is no way it's going on my wall. Which leads me to a few questions... - is the new supplier for the muse.mu store now based in Germany. If so who the hell made that ridiculous decision?! This just means all items will now be sent via UPS and will probably result in higher delivery charges. - How come an official WMG outlet do not know how to pack a poster?! - Can I (or my parents) really be arsed to sort this problem out AGAIN? - Can we have a new shop please? I hear there's some new merch going on sale at the stadium tour, so when this goes up online, good luck to anyone that's going to order it!
  12. Seetickets have just released some last minute GA and level 2 seating tickets here: http://www.seetickets.com/see/price.asp?code=439588&userid={A3D4D966-E23E-4CF3-85E1-E5AC06C2F86D}&filler1=see&filler3=id1twitter GO GO GO!
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