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  1. Hey musers, If you want to see the next auctions in New York, there is one Matt Bellamy's guitar for sale: https://www.julienslive.com/m/lot-details/index/catalog/313/lot/124801 Cheers
  2. Yes I did check but there is not any available for sale
  3. Hi there, Is there anyone who bought a Mattocaster willing to sell it? I am looking for an original Manson one, not a replica. Send me a PM Thanks.
  4. Hi Yes it is the one I was selling. I do not know maybe I will it, not sure...
  5. Hi, I am sorry to bother you but I have a request. I have in hands Matt Bellamy's Peavey EVH Wolfgang Guitar he used to play with during 90's. . The real one, the only one! I bought it when I lived in London but I have it with me in Sydney. Could you please help me to have it signed by Matt when MUSE will come to play next month please? Surely he will be happy to see this guitar again. Have a look at the picture. And more on my dedicated Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/MBPeaveyevhwolfgang/ Thanks a lot. Cheers. Guillaume
  6. hi DOM .. how are you?



  7. Hi Musers, If you want to have a look to some pictures I took of Matthew Bellamy's Peavey EVH Wolfgang Electric Guitar, you can visit the FB page I created: https://www.facebook.com/MBPeaveyevhwolfgang/ I am the happy owner of this fantastic guitar Matthew Bellamy used in 1999 and 2000. Also, if you have some nice information to share about this guitar please add comment on the FB page, I would be more than happy to learn a lot about this guitar. Many thanks, Guillaume
  8. Achete 1 place pour ce soir. Pelouse PORTE R Me contacter par email musemuza@hotmail.com (pas de ebillet) Remise en main propre sur Paris
  9. Hi Selling two spare tickets for Muse - NY on April 15 : seated together section 202 @ Less than face Value. Contact via email @ musemuza@hotmail.com Tx
  10. Hi Selling two spare tickets for Muse Show - New York - 15th April : seated together section 202 @ Face Value. Contact via PM or musemuza@hotmail.com Tx
  11. Hi I am selling three spare tickets : - 2 tickets seated together section 202 - 1 ticket section 224 @ Face Value. Contact via musemuza@hotmail.com Tx
  12. !!!Happy Birthday!!! :chuckle:

    from another Muse fan { from Mexico }

  13. Hi Tom

    Is there any chance to get one ticket for the Show at Casino de Paris ?

    I am so disappointed to not get there.

    Please ;)

    Many Thanks




    Guillaume Leprette

  14. Bonjour à vous toutes et tous. Je suis à la recherche d'une place pour le casino. Je suis un grand fan, j avais acheté la guitare de Matthew, la Peavey Evh de la période Showbiz !! J'ai du la revendre mais bon ca vous montre mon addiction lol. Donc je cherche à accompagner qq un qui a une place en trop (on sais jamais lol), on échange je donnerai une place pour le concert du Stade de France le 11 Juin, il s agit d'une place "loge" vendue a quelques exemplaires. Merci de me contacter... A bientôt Et vive Muse Guillaume, 25 ans musemuza@hotmail.com
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