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  1. I like the acoustic version, i did think it would be nice if it was released along side Something Human as a b-side, but then I remembered it's 2018 and no one does that anymore:$
  2. Hi there, I noticed you're no longer able to go to the Horse Guard's Parade gig. Was wondering if I could take those tickets off your hands if you haven't done so already? my email address is nathan_hu@hotmail.co.uk

  3. I have tickets but unfortunately I can't go anymore . anyone want my tickets?
  4. Any chance that the owl t-shirts will be available from the website? They had sold out at all the merch stands last night:(
  5. a year later, happy birthday!

  6. Happy birthday !!!!!



  7. It was an amazing gig in many different ways, I was on the barrier in front of Chris at the start but ended up about 5 rows back by the end as I was getting crushed:( I also got punched in the face by a half naked man who was being a complete dick and keept trying to grope people, he got in to a big argument with the girl next to me when he tried to light a cigarette and she took it off him, he tried to punch her and got me instead, the bouncers pulled him out after that I think:LOL: Other than that I had a really great time, every one I met was really lovely:D Also the setlist worked a lot better than I thought it would, apart from Feeling Good, some one next to me shouted out 'Play Sunburn' at the start:LOL: Oh and the condom balloons were gross! and there were so many of them, seriously who brings that many condoms with them to a gig!?
  8. I can't decide! It will be interesting to see what they are like live.
  9. Hi, thanks for the birthday wishes back in December, I don't get the chance to be online much anymore because of uni and work. Yes I still have the guitar, I would not dream of getting rid of it! I've just noticed that you were at the Dublin gig, thats a long way to travel, but it was an awesome gig! xx

  10. Happy birthday! Still have that guitar??


    ----Mary, everyone's MuseMom

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