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  1. Very clever indeed! Can't go anyway, but I LOVE puzzles! Takes me back to getting the MuseBike in the Great Anagram Escapade!

  2. Hiya! Another Seattle area Muser in the Will Travel For Muse Club! Surprised we haven't met -- I was with a bunch of boardies in rows 5-7 of Section 125 (Matthew's side) and we lit up our aliens with flashlights! Great that he noticed yours!

    Mary, one of the ancient ones

  3. Hi! I'll only be at SD, but you should get in touch with Melanie/Wicked and Divine, she's going to all the SoCal shows!


  4. happy happy birthday, max!!!!

  5. Die, Blackhawks, die!

  6. Go Canucks Go! It will be a great weekend when my Nux stomp the Kings on Sunday like they did last night!

  7. Hey, an actual grownup and Floyd fan. Come on over and visit us in the Oldies thread! Don't be put off by the name, some of the "oldies" are in their 20's!


    Mary, aka gocanux!

  8. Happy Happy Birthday! How ya doin? Any Muse gigs in your future? Hope so!

    Your MuseMom Mary

  9. Hello! It was great re-connecting today. See you at Wembley!


  10. Not going to this Vegas show, since I'm going to 3 NW shows in April!

  11. Hiya Bryan --- are you on FaceBook? I have a link to some pix from the Vegas gig....


  12. Wish I had seen your message earlier! We started in about the 4th row behind the barrier over to Chris' side, but it was way too wild so we scooted over further to Chris' side and had great views, especially for TIRO as Matthew was right in front of us! Epic gig!

  13. Major bummer, Mara!

  14. Will you be home in Vegas in time for the show on 12/12??? I hope to go!

  15. That's a shame that we won't be able to get together. I'll be down in the pit, hopefully up front!


  16. If you're camera shopping, look at the Panasonic Lumix -- the newer models have hi-def video, really amazing quality. They run about $250-$300 but worth it, and small enough to sneak into any venue with camera nazis!


    Be sure to sign up for the email priority list on muse.mu so you will get notices about ticket presales. Hope to see you in the pit at MSG, or wherever!




    Did you look at my vids on Veoh?

  17. Hi Chloe, glad you liked the vids. Bring on the headline tour!


    (On here, the only place I really go is the OlderMuseFans thread in Banter, so drop by some time, no age limits there!)

  18. Happy birthday, young lady!

  19. Happy Birthday!


  20. Happy birthday, hockey fan!



    (Bruins and Canucks doing great, but what happened to the Sharks?)

  21. Gee, now we are officially friends!

  22. Try this link:


    All the Musers are hanging out there too---I don't have time for all this!

  23. hello back! Yes, the tour can't happen soon enough for me. At least I'm going to some other gigs, Dropkick Murphys in a week, Glasvegas at a tiny venue in April, and just got Coldplay tix for the Gorge (best venue ever, Muse MUST play there!) for July. And 30STM's new CD is due out this summer, with a tour sure to follow.

    Come on over to the Oldies, we're in Banter now (eek!) and it's a lively bunch!


  24. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, young lady! Maybe I will see you at a show on the next tour. Haven't seen you in the "oldies" thread in Banter lately; it was resurrected recently.


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