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  1. I've done the same on See, got 2 standing. Looks like an extra date has been added to London as well. Ticketmaster also has the extra dates up, so I think we're safe. Would expect some announcement like...
  2. Got 2 for 9th, See had the extra dates up at 9am so managed to get Saturday no problem. The dates released the other day all have 'unavailable' already...
  3. Hey! So I've not posted here yet I don't think, however I thought I'd mention I'm at gate C (I think...) was anyone planning on coming here instead of X? There's about 25 people here at the moment.
  4. Ah you're a star. Thanks for helping! I'm now officially going!
  5. Cheers I'm trying to do this covertly at work so couldn't look around too much
  6. No idea which tickets to buy. My French is terrible. I'm assuming 'PELOR' is the section of standing closest to the stage...can anyone confirm this?
  7. Aww! How long have you been here? I've just arrived, excited isn't the word.
  8. As far as I can tell the muse.mu site says it's 60 GBP or 76 EUR, therefore when converted to AUD it's around $90, which would explain the difference you're seeing. Hope that helps!
  9. Pretty nifty app. I'm on an iPhone 4s and I had to download Bliss twice and Plug In Baby 3 times due to it crashing, but the rest were okay. That's my night sorted!
  10. The whole opening ceremony is shrouded in secrecy, I wouldn't expect any info to be released before it starts. Also I don't think they're gonna worried about viewing figures...
  11. I went for option 4. I get excited about any new release, just because something new and different can never be a bad thing. Even if there are only one or two songs I really like, it will be worth it. Unlikely to beat OOS as the style and feel of it is what I most enjoy listening to so couldn't go for Option 5.
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