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  1. You don't have to be such an ass about it! Muse mean A LOT to some people (myself included). This might seem stupid to you, but don't criticize something you obviously don't understand and know nothing about. They are just a band, yes, but to many they are so much more than that and for good reason! If you've got a problem with that then FALL IN A WELL YOU PEICE OF SHIT
  2. I think it's about time that there was a photogenic Tom thread What can I say? He is sexy and deserves the recognition. Mmmmmmmmmm!
  3. Lol thanks everyone for the advice!!! You were all a great help, because I WAS ABLE TO MEET ALL THREE OF 'EM! A lot of it has to do with the fact that I went like, 6 hours early. Me and my friends were the first ones there apart from two other girls heh :b But yes the boys were all very nice. I nearly didn't meet them 'cause I was off getting food ... but my friend Grace found me in time! Anyway I was able to get a picture with them all and have them sign stuff too, so it was all good But I didn't really say anything... I was too nervous and in awe of them. I wish I could have at least said something other than my name and "could you sign this?" but oh well. While I was off eating, with Grace off looking for me, my friend Christine was able to stand around with Matt, Dom, and Tom, and Dom gave her a shirt!!! And she even had a conversation with them !!! You can just imagine my jealousy...lol! Oh and when Grace and Christine had first bumped into them, she told Matt to hold on for a sec so she could go find me because "my friend's obsessed with you and would piss her pants if she knew we met you without her" or something along those lines Anyway....they need to come back soon! The show was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think I could stand waiting another year/2 years before they come back
  4. Hey! I'm seeing Muse in 2 days ( ) and I HAVE to meet them! LOL I live in the US and it's not like this oppurtunity will come up often... so I was wondering, are they easy to meet? Do they usually have tight security? Keep in mind that they aren't as popular over here as they are in the UK.  But anyway, do they usually walk about before and/or after the show? I mean they must get bored... I dunno  For those of you who have met Muse, when, where and how did it happen? I MUST KNOW! I am obsessed...
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